Hey rob
Really looking to maxing my pt test ..but not very familiar with the crossfit type of exercising ..would like to do the operator sessions also but trying to focus on maxing my apft come august. Could you give me a brief description before i buy the apft plan.
– J.
The APFT plan isn’t general fitness. It’s definitely not CrossFit. It’s sole focus is on the APFT Events – pushups, sit-ups and the run. 

If you want to max the APFT, do this plan, not the Operator Sessions.

– Rob


I would like to take this opportunity to say that I love
your program and I can honestly say that thanks to the conditioning I
have undergone by being a member of your "operator sessions," I am still
here today. There have been multiple engagements I have been in where I
have had to run across open riverbeds or run up the side of a mountain
searching for cover. Being a JTAC embedded with the infantry I have to
be able to move and communicate to the CAS platforms overhead enable to
get bombs on target. If im breathing too hard the CAS overhead cant
understand me. I simply just want to convey I appreciate the work you

– D.

Hi Rob,

Love everything that I’ve ever seen on this site! I’ve been working overseas in a remote location for a few years with no access to gym equipment (except a sandbag, dumbbell, running shoes and a rucksack), and now I’m back stateside and plan to enlist, with the goal of getting to SFAS and being selected. I would love to get into the Operator Sessions ASAP, but I’ve got a question.

I’ve completed the free sessions at a local gym here (or, as close as I could with the equipment available) and it kicks my ass but isn’t impossible, EXCEPT for the heavy lifting stuff. Because I haven’t had access to barbells/weights for long, at the moment my deadlift is at around 215# for reps, front squat 110# for reps, and bench press at 165# (my bodyweight) for reps. Obviously I’ve got a lot of room to improve there.

How would you recommend improving my lifts with the goal of joining the Operator Sessions and eventually going through the APFT and RBSP when the time comes?

Total respect,

– C.

Start with one of our strength programs, Clayton. I’d recommend the Rat 6 Plan:

– Rob


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