I am currently deployed and was referred to your programs.  I have a
selection date when I get back from deployment and I was wondering how I
should go about using your programs.  I was thinking about grabbing up
your operator sessions for a bit and then hitting the ruck based
selection program when I get closer to the end of the deployment.  I’m
sitting in a staff job right now so I have access to a gym and time
isn’t much of an issue.  

My question is, will the operator sessions help out with my running?
I’m a good rucker but running is definitely my weakness.  I am wondering
if the operator sessions are good to help with running or if you have
another program that would work better.

Also, would the operator sessions help with push-ups and sit-ups or can
I continue doing my pyramids everyday?

Thanks for all your help.


– C.

Our Operator Sessions are designed as day to day strength and conditioning programming for military athletes. The overarching goal of the Operator Sessions is deployment/mission fitness. I believe the fitness demands of deployment are much different than the fitness demands for most military PT tests – including the APFT. While we do run in the Operator Sessions, and do body weight exercises, the goal is not to max the APFT. For example, over the last cycle we ran in a weight vest or IBA, and did a 5-mile ruck-run with 45# pack and sledgehammer, as well as running 6 miles in shorts and a t-shirt. In general, guys who do the Operator Sessions score well on the APFT, but not to their highest potential. 

We encourage guys to do the Operator Sessions to raise the Base Fitness, then to drop out of these sessions when they have a specific goal, mission or selection and do a sport specific training cycle for that event. 

For example – it seems you want to improve your APFT score – I’d recommend completing the Operator Sessions until your 6 weeks out from your APFT, then completing the  APFT Training Plan – which is laser focused on improving your performance in the test’s events. After your APFT, drop back into the Operator Sessions. 

Directly before selection, I recommend you drop out of the Operator Sessions and complete the appropriate selection programs. We’ve built several and they are available here:

Here’s the link to the APFT Plan:

– Rob

Brother, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do.  After a little over ten years in NSW I left the employ of mother Navy to pursue a career in Federal law Enforcement.  During my time in the Navy I was a devout Crossfiter, and even worked as a trainer for a couple years at a local box.  An old Team mate of mine turned me on to your site a few years back and it was like a light bulb went off in my head;  finally, a training resource on the sport-specific side for the tactical athlete!  I’ve been using your programs ever since, not only for myself but for my fellow LEO’s on my task force.  Given the nature of our day to day job requirements I also add in some combatives/CQD to the mix, but only because we REALLY need it.  A team mate and I recently finished your Patrol Officers Training program and it was awesome!  Afterward we both decided to compete in the CO Police and Fire Games, the Toughest Competitor Alive event, just for fun.  We are both in pretty solid shape, but on a whim I figured I’d ask if you had any intention of creating a program for that event, or in lieu of that, any advice on how we should tweak our current training to better prepare for it.  Currently we are about three weeks in to your Ultimate meathead program (C’mon, it just sounded too cool…)I should probably mention that because of our Op tempo we only manage to fit in about four workouts a week.  It sucks but we are working 60-70 hrs most week’s as it is, and that is about all we can manage while still setting aside time for our families. 
Again Brother, a million thanks for all that you do.
– B.  

Sorry on the delay getting back to you. Your note got lost in my email. 

Thanks for the great note. 

I hadn’t thought of putting together a plan for the games – this is the first time it’s come up. I’ll look into it. 

– Good luck and please be safe. 

– Rob

Hey Rob,
I have been doing the operator sessions for the last four years and they have really been kicking my ass, I have found them to be quite effective.  My primary occupation is part of a tactical response unit also, I am an infantry reservist.  I do rotating shifts at work, 3 shifts on 2 days off kind of thing.  At work I have access to a more than adequate gym, but on my days off I usually go for a run or ruck. Would doing this detract from the strength gains in the operator sessions ?  Keep up the great work.
– L.

Thanks for the great note. 

No worries on the extra ruck or run. All training is cumulative, and you’ll be fine. Just watch for overtraining. 

– Rob




We’ve got a small gym in southern Afghanistan without the space to do
tire drags and we don’t (yet) have a tire. What would you recommend is a
good substitution for tire drags?

– J.

Do 8x Jingle Jangles (4x round trips). 

– Rob


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