Do you have a routine I can purchase from your site that is suited to a beginner? I was a H.S. athlete, served in the Army, and was on a regular weight training routine until a few years ago. Started lifting again for about a year, then quit. Work kept getting in the way. I have a steady schedule, and home every night now. I’m looking to do a cycle of bodyweight only stuff for the first few months. Always been a firm believer in being able to move my body before I move weights.
I purchased a routine called "combat chassis". My memory of what I USED to do, does not match with what I can do.
My goals; simply improve athleticism. Would like to become lighter, more mobile, pound for pound stronger, and increase endurance.


I just built a bodyweight only plan which will be perfect, D. For equipment, you’ll need a pull up bar and a step up bench. Here’s the link to the plan:

– Rob


A few weeks ago I saw a training program specifically designed for people constantly in Hotels. I am on title 10 orders for NGB and am TDY monday – friday every week until the new FY. 

I scrolled through the programs today but didn’t see it. I noticed you re-organized those pages and am hoping you still have it available for purchase. 

My PT on the daily and my healthy eating are my greatest concern with this new position. Some cities are easier than others to find lean meats and quality vegetables and bigger cities I can usually drop into a gym for daily guest rates, either crossfit gyms or a normal Golds. As Im sure you could imagine a majority of small town I have to travel to have nothing avaialble other than the Marriot gym i.e.: dumbells and a treadmill.

I appreciate your time and help.

– R.

Here R.:

– Rob


Hello.  I was reading on the professional soldiers blog about fitness advice for selection.  Your program was highly recommended.  Based on the postings I was under the impression if we emailed you our shipment dates you’d allow us access to the program.  Is that the case?  I’ve been doing sealfit for a year now but with my selection date coming up I know I need more time under a ruck and would like a well designed program.  Hope to hear back from you and thanks for your time.
– J.

Sorry J. – You have to purchase our programs. I’m not sure what selection your’e working towards but we’ve become very specific in our plan design and have specialized plans for: 

SFAS and other Ruck-Based Selections

Links to these plans can be seen here:

We are currently building a specialized plan for CAG/DELTA.

Pls go to the "Start Here" button on the site to learn more about our work:

– Rob

I just completed my first GoRuck Challenge in Boston last weekend (Class 600).  I made it, but I’d like to do better in the future; probably more GRCs not Heavy or Selection.  I happened upon your site as a result of a post on the GoRuck Tough Facebook page.  I’d like a recommendation as to which workout to purchase. 
Here’s my situation:
·         Decent fitness level at present
·         I’m a cop, so I work lots of hours on a rotating (not Mon-Fri) schedule
·         I’m a father so often times I need to squeeze workouts in when I can
·         I don’t like gyms – I prefer to workout at home or out in the field with my ruck and/or sandbag, etc.
·         I like functional exercise – I’m not a “I lift things up; I put them down” barbell kind of guy.
I’m not sure how your site works – Do I pay for a workout, download it, print it, and get to work?
If you could help me out, I’d greatly appreciate it.
Thanks…- M.

Three options M. – 

(1) GoRuck Challenge Prep Plan:

– You’ll need a ruck and a 60# sandbag.

(2) Squad PT Plan:

You’ll need this equipment:

– Pair of homemade rings from webbing and 6" PVC pieces
– Tires rigged for dragging
– 40# Sandbag
– 60# Sandbag
– 80# Sandbag
– Step up bench (16-19" high) 
– 30 foot rope for pulling and dragging
– Empty Ammo Can filled with sand to 70# – or some heavy dumbbells. 

(3) Bodyweight Training Program:

 – you’ll need a pull up bar.

– Rob


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