Only if You’re Serious: Jackson Dryland at MTI Starts Oct. 10

Freeskier Tess Wood trains explosive power.
Pro Snowboarders Iris and Cooper train rotational midsection strength.
Resi and Kit train Chassis Integrity

By Rob Shaul

Heard about training at Mountain Athlete/MTI? Now’s your chance to experience the difference first hand.

Our 6-week Fall Dryland Ski Cycles begin Monday, Oct. 10. This 4 day/week cycle will prepare athletes for lift-assisted alpine skiing at the local resorts, as well as early season backcountry skiing.

The programming deployed during this cycle is the same programming we use with our professional freeskiers, snowboards, and ski racers.

Training will take place at our facility, 3535 South Park Drive, Jackson.

  • Three sessions daily are offered: 7am and 8am. Monday-Thursday.
  • Space is limited.
  • Cost is $200 for the 6 Week Cycle.

(1) Build the eccentric strength and strength endurance in your legs to prepare you for the eccentric loading which occurs during alpine skiing.

(2) Build the lactate tolerance and recovery in your legs so you can ski harder longer, and recover quicker during stops or between runs.

(3) Build your core/midsection strength and overall strength to add stability during skiing and increase overall durability.

(4) Build your glute medius strength, hamstring strength and landing mechanics to help protect your knees from injury during the ski season.

(5) Build your uphill hiking/skinning endurance for backcountry skiing.

Mountain Athlete/MTI is a professional strength and conditioning facility, and this dryland training cycle is appropriate for professional snow athletes, mountain professionals (guides, ski patrol) and serious recreational alpine and backcountry skiers. It’s not appropriate for unfit, deconditioned athletes, or most skiers 50+ years old.

Understand our coaches are demanding and this cycle is professionally designed and implemented. You’ll be asked to work very hard.

If you are a typical, all around, Jackson outdoor athlete, who likes to work hard, and takes your skiing seriously, this cycle is perfect for you and will make a huge difference in your performance this season.

Many of the athletes who thrive in our facility are former high school/collegiate athletes who enjoyed the team-based fitness training they completed in school.

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