The Next Iteration-Our Move to Mountain Tactical Institute

We’ve learned a great deal in nearly a decade of developing and deploying mission-focused strength and conditioning programming for Mountain and Tactical athletes worldwide.  But for every answer we find, two questions seem to arise in its place.

We quickly found that these questions were not answered by academic journals or textbooks, so we decided to study them ourselves.

In July, we established a research arm and set out to conduct mission-direct research to answer the questions that immediately affect performance on the mountain and battlefield.  On a fundamental level, we found that while our dedication to improving human performance through fitness produced impressive results, it was only a part of a bigger picture.  What our athletes need from us is an expanded focus dedicated to improving mission performance through research.

Today, we are synchronizing our fitness-programming, research, and educational development into a single, intellectual storehouse for athletes who need to be fit, but also informed. It is called Mountain Tactical Institute.

This inevitable evolution began at our inception a decade ago and over the next few months you will see manifestations of that change:

  • Our name will change to “Mountain Tactical Institute” to better encapsulate our three-tiered approach to improving mission performance through programming, research, and education.
  • Our subscriptions will change to give our athletes a better value at a lower price point.
  • Our website is being overhauled to give our athletes an easier interface on mobile and desktop devices.
  • We have and will continue to develop partnerships with leaders in outdoor and tactical industries, specialized units and teams, and academic professionals to enhance our research efforts.
  • Our education initiative will make our research and programming accessible to our athletes and coaches, in person.
  • In addition to our work on improving ruck performance, marksmanship, and organizational fitness culture, you can expect to see applicable research on gear, mental fitness, risk management, decision making, and nutrition.  To name a few.

But not everything is changing.  As our model and scope expand, our identity will remain the same.  We continue to pride ourselves on the quiet professionalism and direct, genuine and innovative approach that has always defined Mountain Athlete and Military Athlete.

We will not waste our time studying subjects that don’t have a direct, useful application to our athletes.  Hold us to that.  We will not spend years doing a study that releases findings too late to be applicable.  We will implement innovative and effective study design focused on outside performance.

To be honest, we aren’t certain where this path will lead, but we know it is the next iteration in our progression as we continue to challenge convention.  Our athletes deserve to be the fittest and most informed in existence… and their crafts demand it.

Back to work.

Thoughts on where we’re headed?  Questions for to clear up confusion?  Suggestions for research questions?

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