Test Dummies Needed

By Rob Shaul

We’re asking for “Test Dummies” to take our three recent MTI assessments for Tactical Athletes. We’ve had our MTI Lab Rats and a few soldiers complete these assessments for baseline data, but with more athletes’ data, we can further refine our scoring systems for each assessment.

We’ve developed a specific assessment for Tactical Athlete Relative Strength, Work Capacity and Endurance (military).

Ideally, athletes will take one assessment each day for three days in a row. The MTI Relative Strength Assessment on Day 1. The MTI Tactical Athlete Work Capacity Assessment on Day 2, and the MTI Military Athlete 3/3/3 Endurance Assessment on Day 3.

After taking the assessments, pls complete the survey below to input your results. We’ll collect the data and publish the results.

Below are the links to the 3x specific assessments:

Want to help, but don’t want to take every assessment?
No worries – do what you can and use the survey below to input your data on the assessment(s) you did complete.

Email coach@mtntactical.com
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