Tell us your Mentor Story


By Rob Shaul


I’ve never had a close, long-term mentor in any of my 3 professional careers. But I’ve spoken to several tactical athletes and professional mountain athletes who have. 

I’m interested in these mentor stories and relationships ….. And am asking the MTI community for your mentor stories.

  • Where were you in your career when it the relationship with your mentor 
  • Describe this person … did he or she mentor several others, a few, or just you?
  • How did this mentorship manifest itself? Be specific – was it taking you aside for individual professional instruction? Did it extend beyond professional topics to more wholistic life mentorship – like how to be a “whole” man, or “whole” woman? 
  • When you were no longer working together how did the mentorship endure? How often does/did your mentor contact you – or you contact him or her for advice or assistance? 
  • Did this mentorship influence you to mentor others? 

Please be as specific and thorough as you can.

Not a tactical athlete or professional mountain athlete? No worries – please submit your mentor story as well. 

Please paste your Mentor Story in the comments below and/or email it to me at:

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