Tactical Professional Interview Series

We’re soliciting tactical professionals to conduct interviews with us about:

  • your career challenges-fitness, family, technical support, etc. 
  • lessons learned
  • best and worst parts of your job
  • the state of your profession
  • thoughts about leadership
  • influence of mentors
  • influential books or advice
  • striking a healthy work/life balance
  • advice to young, aspiring tactical professionals

We’ve done this for several years with the professional athletes on our mountain team, and it’s given us insight into the challenges they face and has informed our work in serving these unique athletes.

We’d like to begin doing the same with our tactical athletes.  Here are the details:

  • Need to be a full-time tactical athlete- Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue- with 5+ years experience
  • Rob Shaul will conduct interviews via phone or Skype
  • Interviews will take 30-60 minutes to be completed
  • Interviews will be published on our site in written and podcast form
  • If needed, we can maintain operational security/confidentiality

Need an example? Here’s a recent interview we did with Freeskier, Hadley Hammer.
Ideally, we’ll get something in the spirit of this essay, written years ago by a long-time Military Athlete follower.

Interested? Email rob@strongswiftdurable.com

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