Tactical Athlete Advanced Programming Course – April 15 – 17

By Rob Shaul

Monday-Wednesday April 15-17, MTI will be offering an open enrolment Tactical Athlete Advanced Programming Course at our facility in Jackson, Wyoming. This is the first time in several years we’ve offered an open enrollment Advanced Programming Course and we’ll be taking applications for enrollment.


Who Can Apply

This course will be restricted to full time, active duty tactical athletes: Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement and Military.

Enrollment will be limited to 18-24 total students.

This is a Theory-Intensive, 3-Day Advanced Programming Course is not appropriate to athletes new to gym-based training, free-weight training, or functional fitness.

This programming course is for:

  • Seasoned, experienced Tactical Athletes who are familiar with functional fitness and are ready to begin their own programming
  • Seasoned, experienced Tactical Athletes who act as fitness trainers for their units
  • MTI programming veterans who what to know how MTI programming is designed and implemented.

Enrollment may be selective.

We’re aiming for a diverse group of students across all tactical athlete disciplines – Military, LE patrol/detective), LE (SWAT/SRT), Fire/Rescue (Urban), Fire Rescue (Wildland), and Wilderness LE Professional (Game Warden, Ranger).



  •  $500/student for tactical athletes who’s units are sending them to the course and paying tuition/travel.
  •  $250/student for those tactical athletes who are attending the course and paying their own travel/tuition.

Course tuition is 50% less than we charge to travel and teach the course.

Limited, austere housing (cots in the gym!) will be made available. Meals/food will be on your own.


How To Apply

Please email a cover letter/CV to rob@mtntactical.com. In your cover letter, please include your training background, familiarity with MTI programming, and reasoning for wanting to attend the course.

Applications are Due March 14, 2019. Put “Advanced Programming Course” in the Subject Line.

Once accepted for the course, you’ll be sent the payment link to pay and secure your spot in the course. Course spots are not secured until payment is received.  Below is the Tactical Athlete Advanced Programming Course Schedule and Description.

Questions? Email rob@mtntactical.com




MTI Tactical Athlete Advanced Programming Course – Schedule & Description


DAY 1: Macro/Meso Programming Theory, Strength Session Design

Learning Objectives:

A) Understand the methodology behind MTI’s fitness attributes for Military Athletes. Identify those attributes, and define each in real-world, relatable terms. Be able to apply this methodology to coaches own athletes and their mission sets.

B) Macro-Cycle Programming Theory – understand the concept of “Base Fitness” and the theory/methodology behind focused mission/event specific fitness and cycles directly prior to events.

C) Practiced capability designing balanced and fitness attribute emphasized meso-cycles under the Fluid Periodization paradigm. Understand the larger theory/approach behind meso-cycle design and discuss how it can be applied in students’ own work/environment.

D) Understand the specific exercise selection, application, and progression of MTI’s six strength programming methodologies.

E) Individual strength session design deploying the MTI approach with an emphasis on the TLU methodology.

F) Understand and demonstrate how to develop and deploy strength session/cycle progression over the course of a meso-cycle.

Day 1’s primary goal is to understand from the 10,000 foot level MTI’s approach to program design for mountain and tactical athletes, and be able to apply this broad theory into focused, meso-cycle design for mountain/tactical day to day training. Secondary goal is to understand and apply strength session theory and design.



DAY 2: Work Capacity, Chassis Integrity, Tactical Agility, Endurance Training Session Design

Learning Objectives:

A) Work Capacity Session/Event Design – understand the time-based programming methodology, and demonstrate work capacity event-specific design which addresses the time-based training objective, weight-room flow, “garbage reps,” sprinting focus, trouble areas, etc.

B) Chassis Integrity Session/Event Design – understand Chassis Integrity programming methodology, and demonstrate Chassis Integrity event-specific design which deploys corresponding movement-specific exercises.

C) Tactical Agility Session/Event Design – understand MTI’s Tactical Agility theory and event design methodology, and demonstrate Tactical Agility event-specific design which addresses the training attribute goals.

D) Understand MTI’s approach to military-specific endurance and programming methodology. Be able to articulate the difference between “speed over ground” and “aerobic base” endurance training how both can be programmed into meso-cycles.

E) Bring it all together with Base Fitness Meso Cycle outline and design from 7-Week Calendar to individual training session design.

The goal of Day 2 is to introduce students to the “meat” of training Base Fitness Meso Cycle and individual Base Fitness session design, and give them ample practice designing strength, work capacity, chassis integrity, tactical agility, and endurance events. 


DAY 3: Base Fitness Design Review, Event-Specific Program Design

Learning Objectives:

A) Review overall Fitness Mountain theory and Base Fitness meso-cycle and focused training session design. Discuss application to student’s work and coaching environment.

B) Deep Dive into Event/Sport-Specific Training Cycle Design including ample practice.

Day 3 we’ll finish Base Fitness meso and micro-cycle design and pivot hard to mission/event specific program design.


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