Soldier Athlete Certification Course


The Soldier Athlete certification course combines rigorous classroom instruction with focused gym training and movement instruction to educate soldiers on programming methods used by Military Athlete. The 3-day course is designed for soldiers and units who want to develop top-end, targeted training to push themselves to higher levels of fitness, both general and mission specific. It culminates with a comprehensive written test to assess level of knowledge and programming competency of students. The course is hard. It isn’t for everyone.

The focus of the course is on programming. The instruction is designed to teach you how to design training on your own, not prescribe to you what to do at every step. Soldiers need elite levels of general fitness at all times. We’ll teach you to design programming that both allows the most fit and least fit to acquire these required levels of fitness. Furthermore, the course aims to provide you with necessary exercise and programming tools you need to excel without cluttering your training with fancy gyms trick that don’t. We provide focused movement instruction to clarify principles of foundational strength and conditioning movement without overloading you with needless or overly complicated exercises.

Soldiers must constantly be at the ready. There is always a next evolution. In this vein, the Certification Course equips you with tools to design mission-specific training plans. This system of design is exclusive to Military Athlete. After the course, you will have the knowledge and skills required to train specifically for any mission or objective, as well as the know-how to move from general fitness training into mission-specific training.

Moreover, soldiers need to be able to take their training with them. They’re rarely in garrison. They’re at schools, in the field, deployed. They need to be able to train purposefully regardless of where they’re at or what equipment they have. This is another objective of the course.

We’ll work closely with your unit to individualize the course content to your needs. The course has flexible curriculum that can be tailored so that it best addresses the demands and skills your unit’s needs. This process will start with a recommended course schedule, then, after communicating with your POC, will change as needed until it meets your approval.

Every passing soldier will receive a certificate naming them a Military Athlete Soldier Athlete and the unit will receive 8 weeks of programmed training that models the principles taught during the course.

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