Smokejumper Training Kudos


Coach Shaul-

I moved to Jackson Wyoming for one reason; to train with a purpose.

After becoming a Lab Rat at Mountain Athlete I was able to train hard for my upcoming Smokejumper Rookie Training. Not only did your team help guide me in the right direction, the knowledge and skill level that was provided was absolutely incredible.

I saw unbelievable results within the first month and an increase in physical fitness each week of every operator session.
2014-11-06 oper double eagle

After switching to the Smokejumper Training Program, I saw obvious improvement in my fitness scores and rucking capabilities. The focus in mental and physical toughness helped to ready me for my upcoming Smokejumper Selection and played a significant role in my success.

With hard work and trust in your programming I was able to fulfill a lifelong goal and solidify a career that will take me long into the future. I will no doubt continue to incorporate operator programming into my morning PT sessions and help pass along the word to fellow jumpers and firefighters that I meet.

I have already introduced the first sandbag to our gym’s collection. As a rookie I’m not sure if I’ve been thanked or hated for that.

Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to the success of performance in the field.

Grant Davis

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