Announcing the MTI Research Teams

We’re proud to begin our new ‘Research Team’ (RT) initiative, consisting of six or more ‘lab rats’, per team. The RT’s collaborate and train in our core areas: military, law enforcement, fire, mountain, and general fitness training.

In anticipation of rolling out numerous new daily training session streams for MTI athletes across these professions/disciplines (beginning Sept 2, 2023), this initiative forms the backbone of our Athlete Subscription model.

Our commitment to high-quality programming is steadfast. To this end, the Research Teams will test-run the training programs a month before the daily sessions go live, offering crucial feedback that allows us to fine-tune as required.

Furthermore, these teams will contribute to mini-studies, enabling us to refine and improve our programming theory continually.

Below is a brief overview of the teams we’re currently partnering with:


  • A Naval Special Operations platoon
  • A Marine Special Operations unit
  • A group of tactical Strength and Conditioning coaches at a large joint base


  • A dual-crew house from the Austin Fire Department’s Special Operations Battalion in Texas

Law Enforcement

  • A combined ERT/SRT team from Kentucky
  • A tactical federal law enforcement unit

General Fitness

  • Crossfit 1108 in Georgia

We are thrilled to collaborate with these Research Teams. Though we’ve reached our current quota, we invite interested teams/units for future participation to reach out to us at

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