Wanted: MTI “Research Teams” across All Disciplines

MTI is looking for research teams to test our programming and lab rat mini-studies. This opportunity extends to all of the athlete types MTI focuses on and is a fantastic opportunity to get paid to train. Read on if interested!


  • Six or more reliable Lab Rats that train together to test programming and participate in mini-study projects
  • Daily photos and videos tagged to MTI Social Media and hard files. We don’t need anything fancy, and we don’t need to use faces/names if anonymity is a concern. 
  • Your notes on programming, flow, and progression success. We want to see if our programming is working as intended and adjust as necessary. 
  • Access to a fully equipped, functional fitness gym

Who We’re Looking For

  • Gym Owners, Coaches, and small tactical teams or groups athletes that regularly train together
  • Military Small Units (Team to Platoon Size) in Combat Arms (Infantry, SOF, Combat Engineers, etc.). Great opportunity for those instructing in school house environments.
  • Law Enforcement Teams (Patrol units, Full time SWAT/SRT, Federal LE units)
  • Mountain Athlete Groups (Multisport or single sport out of season – i.e. drylands ski, ultra, alpine climbing)
  • Mountain Professionals – Ski Patrol, Ski Instructors, Climbing Instructors, Kayak Instructors, etc.
  • Wilderness Professionals – Mountain SAR teams, Rangers, Field Biologists, Game Wardens, etc.
  • Fire Crews (Urban and/or Wildland Fire of season)
  • General Fitness Athletes – CrossFit Gyms, Garage Gyms, etc.
  • Older Athletes groups for our SF programming: 45-50, 50-55, 55-60, 60-65 age ranges.

What you get

  • $500/month paid to your team
  • Free programming
  • Interface with MTI coaches
  • Recommend to MTI potential areas of research to improve your unit and profession
  • Gym Owners/Coaches can use MTI programming for their clients at no charge

Interested? Please send a short bio or resume (profession, training experience) and the number of dedicated lab rats you have to charlie@mtntactical.com

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