Quiet Professionalism Presentation to the Denver Fire Department

In June 2018 Rob was invited by the Denver Fire Department to talk about his philosophy on what it means to be a Quiet Professional.

First penned in October 2015, Rob since then has defined eight pillars of Quiet Professionalism which include:


1) Mission First.

2) Hard Work with a full heart.

3) Understanding the difference between “Experience” and “Wisdom.”

4) Knowing what to do = Easy.
                               Doing it = Hard.

5) Continual Professional Learning.

6) Do your Job with Dignity.

7) Embrace the suck.

8) Gratitude.


Below you can find a total of 5 videos that documented the entire presentation to the firefighters.

This was filmed by a friend of one of the firefighters … so please excuse the quality.


This talk is based on the essay, What Does It Mean to Be a Quiet Professional?


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