What to Program for Just 2 Weeks with an Olympic Ski Racer?

Lateral, but forward moving hops over a rope are one of the exercises we’re using to train power for Resi. As the cycle progresses, we’ll increase the height of the rope.

By Rob Shaul

US Ski Team member Resi Stiegler has been doing summer dryland, and late summer pre-season training at MTI for 3-4 years now.

She’s a 2-time Olympian and will represent the US in South Korea next February.

Resi was in Jackson for 4 weeks in June-July, then traveled with the US Ski Team for a month of on-snow technical work in New Zealand.

She’s back for a couple weeks now, before flying to Europe to again train on snow on Sept 26th.

What should we do with her for 2 weeks?

This time last year we hammered Resi with sport-specific touch/jump/touch to a box intervals and quadzilla complexes – to train her skiing-specific leg lactate tolerance and eccentric leg strength. But she was not on the snow as long in New Zealand last summer, and my sense this year is Resi doesn’t need this skiing-specific programming.

Rather, for this two weeks, I wanted to focus on durability and power, as well as unload her somewhat in terms of volume.

Durability work is focused on strength – specifically single leg anterior and posterior strength, and midsection strength. The durability work also includes joint integrity – specifically knees – via single and double leg plyometrics.


  • Anterior Leg: Ligety Special, Big 24 Progression
  • Posterior Leg: 1-Leg Hinge with Barbell, Big 24 progression
  • Upper Body: Moderately loaded, upper body pull and pressing exercises supersetted with the Ligety Specials and 1-Leg Hinges.
  • Chassis Integrity: Core strength and strength endurance – via our ART Circuit once per week and a Low Back Circuits once per week. The ART circuits include 20 minutes of 3 mid-section exercises from standing or kneeling  – an anti-rotation (A), rotation (R) and Total (T) body midsection exercises. The Low Back circuit will include 3-4 extension exercises in a single 15-20 minute circuit.

Focused on double and single leg hops over hurdles or a rope, moving forward, laterally, and side to side. We keep the total reps per session the same and progress the intensity by increasing hurdle height. Power is trained 2x/week.

Sled pushes in density format make a fairly terrible leg-lactate-inducing work capacity effort. Resi will do this 2x/week.

Work Capacity:
We do train work capacity 2x/week with Resi, but instead of Touch/Jump/Touch to a box, we use 10 rounds of hard 80-foot sled push density training. The goal here is to develop heavy-leg focused work capacity and mental fitness. Resi will do sled pushes 2x/week, and we’ll progress this by decreasing the interval time – one push every 90 seconds to one push every 75 seconds.

Resi will have Fridays mostly to herself for total rest or some light, easy running or mountain biking. Hopefully, she’ll relax during the weekend.

Here is the weekly schedule and posted below is Week 1 of the mini-cycle:

  • Monday: Strength, Chassis Integrity (ART)
  • Tuesday: Power, Work Capacity
  • Wednesday: Strength, Chassis Integrity (LBC)
  • Thursday: Power, Work Capacity
  • Friday: Rest or light endurance

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