Plan Focus: Potential Royal Marine Course Training Plan

Candidates during Day 2’s Field Events at the PRMC.

By Charlie Bausman and Rob Shaul

We just completed the training plan built specifically for the physical demands of the Potential Royal Marine Course (PRMC).

This intense, 6-Week, 6 day/week training plan is “sport-specifically” designed to prepare recruits for the assessments and demands of the PRMC.

MTI’s  PRMC Training Plan specifically trains athletes for the Day 1 PRMC graded events: 2.4km run, cadence push ups, cadence sit ups, cadence pull ups, and the Bleep Test. Athletes will assess these events three times during the plan … beginning, middle and end …. and their follow-on progressions will be based on their most recent assessment results. In this way the plan automatically “scales” to the athlete’s incoming fitness and continues to scale up as their fitness improves.

In addition, the plan includes 75-120 minute mini-events to prepare them for the rigors of the Day 2 Field Events, as well as improving water confidence for the pool testing event.

Athletes completing this plan will conduct the fitness test portion of the PRMC three times – at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end.

The results from each assessment are used for follow-on training sessions and progressions. In this way the plan automatically “scales” to the individuals incoming fitness, and then continues to push the athlete as his/her fitness improves while working through the plan.

Here is the Training Week:

  • Monday: Graded Assessment/Run Intervals and Calisthenic Progressions
  • Tuesday : Bleep Test Progression, Chassis Integrity
  • Wednesday: Run Intervals and Calisthenic Progressions
  • Thursday: Bleep Test Progression, Endurance
  • Friday: Swim Confidence
  • Saturday: Mini Event – Gym Based Endurance + Running



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