Plan Focus: MARSOC ITC

By Rob Shaul


The following is a sport-specific 8-week program is specifically designed to prepare athletes for the MARSOC Individual Training Course (ITC) The plan includes a 1-week taper, and is designed to be completed the 8 weeks directly prior to your course start week.

This is a very intense, 6-day a week program with high levels of volume and stress. Be safe and smart about your training as you work through the program and don’t be afraid to cut down sessions, or if necessary take an extra rest day if needed.

This program gets progressively harder each week, until week 8, when the training tapers down into the start of selection. Don’t skip ahead!! The plan is designed to build upon itself. If you have to miss a training day, start up back where you left off.

This is a 6 day/week training program… To successfully complete this program you’ll need to make training for selection a priority during your workday.



This plan is “sport specific” to the specific fitness gates assessed at the onset of ITC as well full body preparation for the physical demands of the course. The gates listed below are assessed at ITC, and we have developed the sport specific programming for improved results on these tests. With the exception of the CFT, you will take all of these assessments three times during the course of this training plan, with percentage based progressions to automatically scale to your level of fitness.


  • USMC Physical Fitness Test (PFT) & Combat Fitness Test (CFT)
  • Double O-Course in less than 5:00 minutes
  • 10 Mile Ruck for Time
  • 5 Mile Run for Time
  • 500m Swim
  • 1,500m Fin

Training Schedule:

  • Monday: PFT Work, CFT Work
  • Tuesday: Swim, Fin, and Water Confidence
  • Wednesday: Calisthenic Work, 5-Mile Run Interval, Chassis Integrity
  • Thursday: Swim, Fin, and Water Confidence
  • Friday: O-Course, Work Capacity, Chassis Integrity
  • Saturday: Ruck Run Intervals



What equipment is needed to complete this program?

  • Stop Watch with Repeating Countdown Timer – Timex Ironman is best.
  • 60# Sandbag
  • ALICE Ruck or same ruck you will use at selection, 45# of filler, 10# Rubber Rifle (No rifle? Use a 10 lb sledgehammer or a 10# dumbbell)
  • Pull up Bar
  • Access to O-Course (Substitute training included if you don’t have access to an O-Course)
  • 25m or 50m Swimming Pool
  • Swim Goggles
  • Fins (Rocket or Frog fins recommended)

What if I have less then 8 weeks before I start the Selection Course?
Still start at the beginning of this training plan anyway. Don’t skip ahead.

What if I can’t handle the training volume at first?
Building stamina and resilience is a key training goal of this plan, and physical and mental stamina is also key to completing the Selection course. If you can’t handle the training volume at first, it’s better to cut training sessions short, rather than take unscheduled rest days.

What if I can’t make the prescribed reps for the bodyweight exercises, or the prescribed interval times for the rucks or runs?
Do your best, and be sure to do the total number of rounds, even if you can’t make the reps or the time. Don’t quit.

What if I miss a day?
Begin where you left off when you return to training. This program is progressed – each session builds upon the prior session – so don’t skip a session or skip around. Follow the training sessions in order, regardless.

Where do I find unfamiliar exercises?
See our Exercise Library HERE. The Run Calculator is listed as an exercise.

What about nutrition?
See our Nutritional Guidelines HERE.

Can I see sample training?
Yes. Go HERE, and click on the Sample Training tab to see the entire first week of programming.

More Questions?

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