Plan Focus: Border Patrol Academy Training Plan

By Charles Bausman

After several requests, we developed a plan for future Border Patrol Agents training for the Border Patrol Academy held in Artesia, New Mexico. This 7-week plan will focus on the physical rigors of the course as well as develop a solid foundational base of strength, work capacity, endurance, and core strength.

Specifically, the plan will train to improve your Border Patrol Physical Fitness Test II results, as well as speed on the Border Patrol Academy Confidence Course.


This plan varies from our normal LE Athlete fitness attributes, as you are training specifically to meet and exceed the demands of the academy. Complete the plan in the seven weeks directly before your Academy start date… it includes a “de-load” week so that you are well recovered before checking in to the Academy.

Once you have graduated, we recommend you move on to our daily LE Athlete programming for job-specific physical training.

The plan will train the following attributes:

  • Border Patrol Physical Fitness Test II – 220 yd sprint, max sit ups in 1 minute, max push ups in 1 minute, and a 1.5-mile run.
  • Lower and Total Body Strength – Trained 1x/week to develop durability and maximal strength in the recruit
  • Work Capacity – Repeat sprint efforts and a short bodyweight work capacity effort
  • Endurance – Work up to 5 Miles to develop aerobic endurance
  • Chassis Integrity – Functional, transferable core/midsection strength and strength endurance for mission performance and overall durability.
  • TAC SEPA – Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility development for obstacle courses and confidence course

This is what your training week will look like:

  • Monday: Border Patrol Physical Fitness Test Prep
  • Tuesday: Strength, Chassis Integrity
  • Wednesday: Aerobic Endurance
  • Thursday: Border Patrol Physical Fitness Test Prep
  • Friday: TAC SEPA, Work Capacity, Chassis Integrity

Required Equipment: 

  • Fully Equipped Functional Fitness Weight Room including barbells, racks, bumper plates, dumbbells, plyo boxes, 25# weight vest, and sandbags (40/60#)

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