Plan Focus: 2-Mile and 5-Mile Run Improvement Plan


By Rob Shaul


These two training programs are designed specifically to improve your 2-Mile or 5-Mile Run performance.







The plans focus on 3 general objectives:

  1. Increase speed over ground
  2. Increase running-specific leg strength, core strength, and upper body strength
  3. Increase running aerobic base and efficiency for longer distance runs

Assessment-Based, Speed over Ground and Aerobic Base Work
Both plans deploy assessments and use the assessment performance for the follow-on progressions. In this way, the plans automatically “scale” to the incoming running fitness and speed of each individual athlete. You’ll train 6 days/week.

Strength Work
The plans also include focused, running-specific leg, mid-section, and upper body strength training deploying bodyweight strength exercises. You’ll train strength twice each week.


  • Mon: Assessment or Speed over Ground Intervals
  • Tue: Strength Training
  • Wed: Speed over Ground Intervals
  • Thu: Strength Training
  • Fri: Speed over Ground Intervals
  • Sat: Easy Distance Run



What is the Required Equipment?

  • Stop Watch
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Track, trail or road where 800m, 1- mile, 2-mile and 5-mile distances can be measured

What if I miss a day?
Begin where you left off when you return to training. The programs are progressed – each session builds upon the prior session – so don’t skip a session or skip around. Follow the training sessions in order, regardless.

How Long do the Sessions Last?
60-120 minutes depending upon your running pace. Longest days will be the Saturday long easy run.

What does “5/10x Push Ups” Mean?
Women do 5x Push Ups, Men do 10x Push Ups.

Where do I find unfamiliar exercises?
See our Exercise Library HERE. The Run/Ruck Calculator is listed as an exercise.

What about nutrition?
See our Nutritional Guidelines HERE.

Can I see sample training?
Yes. Click on one of the plans above, then hit “Sample Training” tab to see the entire first week of programming.

How do I access the plan?
You can access the plan via username and password either through our website or through our app (Mtn Tactical Fitness) available for IOS and Android.

More Questions?


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