Packet Focus: USMC TBS and IOC Training Packet

New Marine Corps Officers at The Basic School.

By Rob Shaul and Charles Bausman

The USMC TBS and IOC Training Packet consists of two plans intended for newly commissioned Marine Corps officers preparing for the physical demands of the The Basic School and the Infantry Officer Course.

The TBS plan is six weeks, with training sessions 6x days/week. This plan is designed to be completed the six weeks directly before the TBS check-in.

The plan will prepare athletes for the graded events at TBS (Double O-Course, E-Course, PFT, CFT), increase rucking ability, and increase overall strength and durability for the duration of the course.

The IOC plan consists of 30x training sessions designed to be be completed during the final two months of TBS.

The IOC plan sessions train long endurance and obstacle course fitness at light loads in preparation for the Combat Endurance Test (CET), rucking at increasing heavy loads/distance, tactical work capacity, and increase strength and durability.

We understand that the final two months of TBS consists of multiple field events. Complete the IOC Plan sessions sessions in-between field events when in garrison. The sessions should be completed sequentially… don’t skip around.


TBS Plan Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday: PFT Assessment/Progressions
  • Tuesday : O-Course Improvement, Chassis Integrity
  • Wednesday: 6-Mile Endurance Assessment/2 Mile Intervals at 25# load
  • Thursday: CFT Work
  • Friday: PFT Assessment/Progressions
  • Saturday: Long Ruck

IOC Plan Weekly Schedule

  • Day 1 – Strength, Chassis Integrity
  • Day 2 – O-Course, Strength Endurance
  • Day 3 – Strength, Tactical Athlete Work Capacity
  • Day 4 – Running Endurance @ Light Load
  • Day 5 – Heavy Ruck

Click HERE for more on the packet and two plans.



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