Packet Focus: Dumbbell – Kettlebell “Three Stooges” Packet

By Charles Bausman

The Three Stooges Training Packet consists of three 7-week training cycles, for a total of 21 weeks of training.

Utilizing only dumbbells/kettlebells and bodyweight movements, the training plans in this packet can be completed easily if traditional barbells, plates and racks are hard to come by, or if you simply want to try a dumbbell/kettlebell-only training plan.


“Larry,” “Curly” and “Moe” deploy our Fluid Periodization model, and concurrently train: Strength, Work Capacity, Tactical Speed, Explosive Power & Agility, Endurance and Chassis Integrity


The training packet should be completed in the following order…

  1. Moe – Slight Strength Emphasis
  2. Larry – Slight Work Capacity Emphasis
  3. Curly – Slight Endurance Emphasis

“Moe” trains strength with MTI’s Big 24 progression, utilizing dumbbell or kettlebell exercises. Your strength work this cycle will concentrate on 6 movements:

  • Walking Lunges – Lower Body
  • DB/KB Bench Press – Upper Body
  • DB/KB Hang Squat Clean – Total Body
  • Weighted Pull Ups – Upper Body
  • DB/KB Thruster – Total Body
  • DB/KB Front Squat – Lower Body

Larry” has a slight  Work Capacity & Chassis Integrity emphasis, deploying dumbbell/kettlebell and bodyweight movements. The Work Capacity efforts are built around three durations:

  • 30 Minute Work Capacity
  • 15 Minute Work Capacity
  • 5 Minute + 10 Minute Work Capacity

Curly” emphasizes Endurance. The endurance training alternates between running and multi-mode, gym-based endurance. 

Required Equipment

  • Full Dumbbell or Kettlebell Set
  • 15-20” Box or Bench
  • Open space for Sprints and Shuttle Runs

1-Arm Exercises vs Traditional Exercises
If a movement does not specify it as a 1-arm movement, you will utilize dumbbells/kettlebells in each hand. For movements specified as 1-arm, you will do the prescribed reps on each arm/leg.


  • 6x Dumbbell Mr.Spectacular: Complete 6 repetitions of Mr. Spectacular at the prescribed weight with a Dumbbell/Kettlebell in each hand.
  • 6x 1-Arm Dumbbell Snatch: Complete 6x 1-Arm Dumbbell Snatches at the prescribed weight with each arm (12x Total).

Converting Dumbbells to Kettlebells
This plan uses dumbbell weights, as they simpler to scale for loading. You can use kettlebells, you will just need to convert the weight. See the chart below for converting dumbbell weight to kettlebell weight.


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