Packet Focus: Country Singer Packet

By Rob Shaul



Our two Country Singer Packets of plans are specifically designed for civilian athletes. Each packet contains 5 plans including 4 general fitness plans from the “Country Singer” library plus MTI’s proven Bodyweight Foundation training plan.

The plans are designed as high level, day-to-day general fitness programming for civilian athletes. They deploy the proprietary programming methodology we’ve developed over the years for mountain and tactical athletes, but with necessary modifications needed for athletes who want to do MTI programming, but don’t need mountain or tactical-specific programming.

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Every Country Singer Plan trains the following four fitness attributes concurrently using our Fluid Periodization methodology:

  • Strength
  • Work Capacity
  • Endurance
  • Chassis Integrity (MTI’s functional core training)


In both packets, one of the plans, Johnny and Dolly, are balanced training plans where Strength, Work Capacity, Endurance, and Chassis Integrity are trained in relatively equal proportions.

Each of the other 4 plans in the packets has a slight emphasis one of the fitness attributes. For example, Waylon has a slight work capacity emphasis and Loretta has a slight strength emphasis.

However, even the plans with slight emphasis also train the other fitness attributes.

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Each plan, except Bodyweight Foundation, is a 5x/week, 7-week training plan. Week 7 of each plan is an unload week, so the plans may be run back-to-back. Bodyweight Foundation is a 5 day/week, 6-week long training plan.

Click the links below and see the following chart for more specifics on each plan.

  1. Johnny
  2. Waylon
  3. Hank
  4. Willie
  5. Dolly
  6. Loretta
  7. Tammy
  8. Patsy



What order should the plans be completed it? 

For Part 1: The Men, begin with the Bodyweight Foundation Plan, then complete the following plans in this order:

  1. Johnny
  2. Waylon
  3. Hank
  4. Willie

For Part 2: The Women, begin with the Bodyweight Foundation Plan, then complete the following plans in this order:

  1. Dolly
  2. Loretta
  3. Tammy
  4. Patsy

I’m not in the best of shape. Is this packet for me?
The first plan in the packet, Bodyweight Foundation, is a great place to start this programming and build to the higher intensity of the remaining plans.

I’m fit, know my way around a weight room and am used to high-intensity training. Where should I start?

Is it okay to mix up the order of the plans as I complete them?
Yes. Although we recommend the plans be completed in the order above, each plan stands on its own, so you can complete them out of order.

What are the primary differences between these plans and your day-to-day training plans for mountain and tactical athletes?
These plans don’t include tactical agility training, and all but one (Patsy) avoid rucking – both of which are mainstays in our tactical base training plans. Likewise, these plans don’t include rock climb training or loaded uphill endurance programming which is common in our mountain base training plans.

What Equipment is Required?

  • Fully-equipped functional fitness gym including barbells/dumbells, plates, bumpers, rack, bench, plyo boxes, sandbag (40/60/80 pound), with the exception of the first plan in the series, Bodyweight Foundation.
  • Stopwatch with countdown interval timer.
  • Optional – GPS running watch to make finding running/biking distance easy

What do you mean by 15 Minute “Grind”?
You should work your way through these circuits briskly not frantically.

What if I miss a day?
Begin where you left off when you return to training. This program is progressed – each session builds upon the prior session – so don’t skip a session or skip around. Follow the training sessions in order, regardless.

Where do I find unfamiliar exercises?
See our Exercise Library HERE. The Run/Ruck Calculator is listed as an exercise.

What about nutrition?
See our Nutritional Guidelines HERE.

Can I see sample training?
Yes – click on each individual training plan above, then click the “Sample Training” tab at the plan product page to see sample training.

How do I access the packet?
You can access the plan via username and password either through our website or through our app (Mtn Tactical Fitness) available for IOS and Android.

Can I print out sessions to take to the gym?
Yes – you can print a week of programming at a time

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