Packet Focus: Canadian Special Forces Entry Test and CSOR Selection Training Packet

By Charles Bausman

The Canadian Special Forces Entry Test and CSOR Selection Training Packet consists of two plans to prepare you for the two phased selection process for entry into the Canadian Special Forces Regiment (CSOR). The plans are sport specifically designed to prepare you for the demands of each phase. The first is the CSOR Fitness Gateway Test, which assesses your overall fitness over a period of two days. This is scheduled like a normal physical fitness test along with multiple interviews with CSOR personnel. You must do well in this portion in order to be invited to attend the CSOR Selection.

The CSOR selection is a land-based selection with a emphasis on rucking, running, and total body fitness as it relates to military tasks. The details of the course are mostly unknown, but we are confident that the CSOR Selection Plan will effectively train you to be successful at whatever the cadre may throw at you.

See details for the two plans included in the packet.

PLAN #1: Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) Fitness Gateway Test Training Plan
The assessment is conducted over two days, and must be successfully completed in order to attend the CSOR Selection Course. The Fitness Gateway Test encompasses several different fitness requirements – your best efforts are mandatory in order to be invited to CSOR Selection. The Fitness Gateway Test is as follows:

Day 1

  • Beep Test
  • Max Continuous Push Ups
  • Max Continuous Sit Ups
  • Max Continuous Pull Ups
  • Combat Swim Test

Day 2

  • 13km Ruck @ 35 kg ruck, then immediately…
  • 100m Casualty Carry

The training program deploys the CSOR Fitness Gateway Test events on Weeks 1, 3, and 6, and uses your latest event scores to scale the workouts to your fitness level for the follow-on progressions.  In this way the plan automatically scales to the fitness of the individual athlete and continues to push them as their fitness improves. It’s designed specifically to improve results on graded events.

Complete this plan 6 weeks directly before your CSOR Fitness Gateway Test date. Week 6 is a deload week.  Do the sessions in the order written. Don’t skip ahead. If you’re less than 6 weeks away from the test date, begin at Session 1 and progress as far through the program as you can.

Following successful completion of the Fitness Gateway Test and the other associated interviews, the soldier will be invited to attend CSOR Selection at a later date.

PLAN #2: Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) Selection Training Plan
This is a 6 day/week training program. To successfully complete this program you’ll need to make training for selection a priority during your work day. The specific fitness requirements of the CSOR Selection are mostly unknown, but we do know that it is a land based selection, with the assumption that it will include a high volume of rucking and running. This plan will improve your speed over ground for rucking and running as well as overall durability to set you up for success at selection.

You’ll ruck 2 days/week and run 2 days/week. It also includes:

  • Extended, multi-modal work capacity events
  • Focused Grip strength training.
  • Bodyweight Calisthenic Work
  • Lower Body strength development
  • Sandbag Getups for work capacity, mental toughness, and core strength
  • Intense chassis integrity training for durability

The plan includes 3 specific assessments and follow-on progressions. You’ll take these assessments multiple times over the 8 weeks:

  • Work Cap Assessment – 10 min Sandbag Getups @ 80# for reps, 2x Multi-mode Work Capacity Effort
  • 10 Mile Heavy Ruck for Time – 35kg Ruck, 4kg Rubber Rifle or Sledge Hammer
  • 6 Mile Run for Time, shorts and t-shirt



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