Outdoor Retailer 2016-Gear Research for the Mountain Athlete

Mountain Tactical Institute is committed to building better performance on the mountain and the battlefield through training, research and education.  The only limit to our pursuit is that what we do must be immediately beneficial to our athletes in their environments.

That means we are interested in all of the elements which affect performance; like decision making, fitness, nutrition, risk management and of course, gear.

If you have spent any time in the mountains, you know the importance of having the right equipment.  We want to find the best gear, test it, and make it perform better for you.

On January 7-8th, we will be traveling to Salt Lake City for theOutdoor Retailer Winter Show along with hundreds of other outdoor industry leaders and innovative gear companies.  We have 3 goals for our trip:

1)  Stay up to date on the outdoor industry’s latest gear innovations
2)  Identify companies with a shared commitment to building better performance in mountain athletes
3)  Pursue research partnerships for current and future projects

Do you have gear only serves the 80% solution?  Want us to test which gear works best for you and your specific pursuits?  Do you have gear questions or research ideas with respect to the equipment you rely on?  Email rob@mtntactical.com

Does your company or sponsor share our commitment to optimizing gear for better outside performance?  If you’ll be at Outdoor Retailer, drop me a line too, we’d love to meet up.

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