New Feature Added to MTI’s Programming Delivery: Training Plan Community Chats

MTI has added a new feature to our programming delivery system… plan specific community chats built into our website and app.

Training Plan Chats
    • You’ll now be able to share any notes, questions, assessment results, or photos in all our daily programming streams (accessible via the Athlete Subscription or individual Daily Programming Subscriptions). Share with the community and talk a little trash.
    • Simply go to one of the daily programming streams, click into a week of training, and hit the ‘Discussion’ tab, to post.
    • The community chat function is live on the website and MTI App. Make sure to update the MTNTactical App in your app store!
    • MTI coaches will monitor this to the best of our ability, but if you have specific questions, it’s still best to use the Chat Box on the MTI website or email


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