MTI’s Project Completion Process


By Rob Shaul

Below is the project completion process I deploy with my staff. I’m interested in feedback on this process. What you use with your staff or – use for your superior?

Email feedback/comments/your process to

MTI Project Completion Process

1) Research/Professional Reading. Start with a google search and go to Amazon for the latest books on the project/subject. Everything starts here. What I’m specifically after is recognized industry “best practices.”

2) Don’t Reinvent the Wheel. See what others are doing – high profile websites, influential coaches, competitors, etc. Compare what others are doing to “best practices” from above. Sometimes they are the same (look for these) – sometimes they aren’t (try to explain why not).

3) Apply Company Values. Quiet Professionals. Institute vs. latest fitness fad. Outside performance vs. gym-numbers. Athletes first. Apply our values to possible approaches and find those that mesh.

4) Develop your Recommendations/Strategy. Make a decision on what is best for us by meshing best practices, with what others are doing, then crossing that with our company values. What is best for us?

5) Play Rob. Play you’re me and brainstorm the questions I’m going to ask. Challenge your process and solutions they way you know I would. Make sure you cover the obvious. Don’t resent this, embrace it. Try to have every angle covered when you brief me.

6) Execute. 

7) Verify. Check the solution. Verify it’s working the way you envisioned it. Find and correct any problems.

8) Report Back. Keep me updated as you work through this process.

****Note – nowhere in there do I write “check with Rob first.” 


  • Don’t look to me as a decider. Consider me a resource.
  • You can use me as a resource anywhere and at any time (more than once) in this process. I have a way of thinking about things that can help lend focus and direction to this process.
  • Using me as a resource isn’t a sign you can’t do it yourself – it shows you’re being smart by using all your resources and helps assure me you’re following the process.

Remember, what makes a professional is consistent, high quality work, fast. Our goal is to get more and more efficient with this process ….

  • Better and faster at initial researching
  • More focused checking with what others are doing and not reinventing the wheel
  • Further clarification of our company values and direction (this process will help)
  • Better questions when questioning our process and solution
  • Better execution so when we do the verification things are working the way we envisioned.

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