MTI’s Most Read Articles For the Last 6 Months (Jan-Jun 2019)


So far, we’ve had close to 2 million page views in the last 6 months and our most read article was an opinion piece about the Army’s deactivation of Long-Range Surveillance (LRS) Companies (see below). These are our Top 10:


  1. Fixing the Army’s Deep Reconnaissance Problem: Rebuild It’s Long-Range Surveillance Capabilities
  2. What Does It Mean to be a Quiet Professional?
  3. MTI’s Recommended Outdoor Gear List – Updated Feb. 2019
  4. Equipment Recommendations for a Home/Garage Gym
  5. Officer Fitness and Use of Force
  6. A Day on Rob’s Diet – 2019 Update!
  7. MTI’s 3 Favorite Lower Body “Pull” Strength Exercises
  8. My Failure Resume
  9. Best Way to Improve Pull Ups? We Tested 3 Methodologies to Find Out
  10. The Fundamental Four Strength Cycle: Front Squat, Weighted Pull Up, Hinge Lift, Bench Press, 2 Days/Week

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