MTI’s 10 Most Read Articles from 2016

By far, MTI’s best read article from 2016 was this one on unfit first responders.

By Rob Shaul

Mountain Tactical had over 4.5 million page views in 2016, and by far, our most read article was an opinion piece I wrote last Spring after teaching Unit Fitness Leaders to First Responders in Salt Lake, Boise and Denver.

What struck me after these courses that the first responders didn’t see fitness as a no-compromise safety issue as I do.

“Silent Acceptance = Quiet Approval” I wrote.

The article received significant feedback – the most interesting of which was the back and forth between the first responders themselves.

Our work with first responders in all areas continues.

Below is this article, and the 9 others in 2016’s Top 10 of best read.

  1. First Responders: How Come You Tolerate Unfit Police and Fire Fighters?
  2. What Does It Mean to be a Quiet Professional
  3. Initial Analysis of the Battlefield Airman Physical Fitness Test
  4. 1 Pound on your Feet Equals 5 Pounds in Your Pack: The 5 Thumb Rules of Hiking
  5. Why is the Cooper Test Used by Law Enforcement Agencies?
  6. Are you Strong Enough? Take the MTI Relative Strength Assessment
  7. Power Clean vs. Power Snatch. Which is Better At Training Speed and Explosiveness?
  8. 5 Tactical Diet Strategies
  9. Best Way to Improve Push Ups: Mini Study Results
  10. Evolution of our Chassis Integrity Training Theory

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