MTI’s 10 Most Read Articles from 2023

In 2023 we had over of 2 Million visitors on our website. Our most-read article in 2023 was Rob’s article on Ideal Bodyweights for Mountain and Tactical Athletes, followed by a training article as to why you should incorporate Farmers Walks & Carries, followed by Rob’s 4-Week P:E Diet trial.

MTI’s 10 Most Read Articles from 2023

(1) Ideal Bodyweights for Mountain Athletes, Mountain Professionals and Tactical Athletes

(2) Why You Should Be Training Farmers Walks & Carries

(3) 4 Weeks on a P:E-ish Diet

(4) MTI’s Top 3 Strength Exercises By Category

(5) Are You Strong Enough? Take the MTI Relative Strength Assessment

(6) The 5 Types of Tactical Athletes & Their Fitness Demands

(7) Overcoming Age-Induced Metabolic Slowdown With A Protein-Shake Diet

(8) The “Lazy Genius” Colonel Who Figured out How to Achieve Rank and Promotion by Doing the Minimum…and How I Allowed this to Happen

(9) 4 Weeks on a “Keto-ish” Diet

(10) Owning My Marine Corps Leadership Failures


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