MTI’s 10 Most Read Articles from 2021



In 2021 we had an overwhelming pageview of 2.5 Million. Our most-viewed / most-read article in 2021 was an essay from a retired Air Force Colonel, followed by Ideal Bodyweights for Mountain and Tactical Athletes, and Rob’s article on the P:E Diet.

MTI’s 10 Most Read Articles from 2021


(1) Don’t leave the military until “YOU” are the reason – A Retired Air Force Colonel

(2) Ideal Bodyweights for Mountain Athletes, Mountain Professionals and Tactical Athletes

(3) 4 Weeks on a P:E-ish Diet

(4) What Does it Mean to be a Quiet Professional?

(5) MTI’s 3 Favorite Lower Body “Pull” Strength Exercises

(6) The 5 Types of Tactical Athletes & Their Fitness Demands

(7) 4 Weeks on a “Keto-ish” Diet

(8) Best Way to Improve Pull Ups? We Tested 3 Methodologies to Find Out

(9) 10 Tactical Athlete Programming Fundamentals

(10) Everyone wants 7.62… Until They Have to Carry It



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