MTI Writing Contest: “My Biggest Leadership Mistakes”


Any tactical or mountain leader has read multiple essays, books and biographies on great leaders and the tenants of great leadership. However there are few resources available, written by leaders themselves, about mistakes they’ve made while “in the arena.”

This is an opportunity to examine and reflect on your own leadership mistakes, and share your mistakes and lessons learned with other tactical and mountain leaders.

Your sincere effort, honesty and reflection can be a gift to yourself and others.

The Writing Contest
Selected entries will be published my MTI on it’s website, and in linked in MTI’s weekly newsletter, “BETA” and social media pages.

  • Submissions should be between 500 and 2,000 words in length.
  • MS Word or Apple Pages, Helvetica size 10.
  • Citations as end notes if applicable.
  • Include a short bio. Authors may remain anonymous, but a general biography is needed.
  • Include photos if possible.
  • Mistakes can come from any location … in garrison/fire house/station house as well as in the field, on the battlefield, street, fireground or mountain.
  • Be direct, sincere and honest. Avoid cliches.
  • Submissions may need editing. MTI will work with authors to craft a finished product.
  • Authors of all published submissions will receive a job-appropriate ball cap. Author of the most outstanding submission will receive an MTI Quiver Bag.

Submissions are Due 12.1.16.
Email to, Subject: “Leadership Mistakes”



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