MTI Garage Sale 8.30.18

By Rob Shaul

I’ve been cleaning out the MTI Storage Area and have some items for sale. Price includes shipping via the US Postal Service. Payment will be via PayPal.

Unless specifically noted, all these items are used, and all sales are final.

If interested,  have any questions, or you want to purchase, please email

Sorry, no international orders (shipping is killer!).


Used Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack  – $110.00

Great day hunting pack for rifle hunters – and also a great pack for long distance AR run and gun events. The pack has an integrated scabbard.


Used Eberlestock Legacy F52 on ALICE Frame – $150

We purchased this pack to look at its design a couple years ago when I had a mechanical engineer on staff and we were considering building a training ruck. It’s been used once to pack 40 pounds of water up a steep hill as part of a study. No longer built by Eberlestock.

Used LLBean Hunter Carryall Pack – $85

Barely used. Bought it to study the design.

Used Deuter Guide 45+ Pack – $65

Simple, professional mountaineering and backcountry ski pack.

This is an older version. Here‘ is a link to the latest model.
























New Badlands OX Frame Pack – $150

Badlands doesn’t make these anymore – and they make a great day hunting pack, and also a carryout pack for big game. Never used – again, we purchased to study the design. Video Review HERE.





















Used Eberlestock Gunslinger Pack – $150

Great daypack I used for rifle hunting. Integrated scabbard. Note – the pack originally came with a separate pice to cover the butt of a rifle – I lost it … .





















Used Mystery Ranch Selway Hunting Backpack – $395

Brand new from Mystery Ranch for 2018, this pack took part in a hunting pack comparison test/study we completed the summer of 2018. Save $100 over new!



















Used Kuiu Icon Pro 3200 – $380

This pack took part in a hunting pack comparison test/study we completed the summer of 2018. Save $100 over new!


New and Used Ice Climbing Gear:

New Ice Screws – Sold as a set, – $500.00
6x – 16cm Black Diamond Express
2x – 19cm Black Diamond Express
2x – 22cm Black Diamond Express
1x – 12cm Grivel

Ice Tools:
Used Petzl Nomic – $400/Pair

Ice Tools:
Used Black Diamond Viper – $250/Pair

Used Black Diamond – $150/Pair



Used Seiko Samurai SRPB51 (black) – $250.

– Includes gray Nato band and unworn steel bracelet. Purchased March, 2018.













Used Seiko SBDC053 (blue) – $515

– Includes Blue Nato Band and Silicone Rubber Band. Beautiful Watch! Purchased February 2018.

Suunto Ambit3 Vertical Black HR, New in Box – $175. Two available.

We purchased a dozen of these GPS/Smart Watches for a research study at Mountain Athlete, but ended up only using 6 – so we have 6 for sale.

What we liked about this watch for Mountain Athletes is it’s unique ability, using both GPS and an altimeter, to measure and display vertical speed. This is a key training metric for all alpine athletes – ski mountaineers, Peak Baggers, Alpinists, and Backcountry Big Game Hunters.

These units also include a heart rate monitor and heart rate training capability, an integrated GPS with trackback technology, waypoint capacity, and more.

This is the watch I wear backcountry bowhunting for elk and deer and the watched saved me big time last September finding my bull elk after I lost the blood trail.

I used the altimeter function on the watch to conduct a grid search on a heavily timbered north-facing ridge, bumped the bull on my 3rd pass and ultimately recovered him.

It was way past dark by the time I’d gotten him boned out and all the meat sacks shuttled to the tree line. I then used the watch’s GPS waypoint function to mark the meat and headed to the truck with the antlers and first load. The next morning the watch’s GPS function led me right back to the rest of the meat and I was done and headed to town for a cheeseburger by noon!

This unit is more than a watch – it’s a highly capable backcountry tool.







Used Nemo Equipment Spike Storm 1P Shelter – $105

I purchased this shelter this year to try something different from my trusty Bivy Sack. After trying it on a scouting trip, decided to stick with my bivy.

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