The Move to Digital Plans

As we prepare for our new website launch in February, you’ll see other aspects of our online business making transitions in the coming weeks. This week you’ll notice changes in two arenas; social media channel updates, and training plans going digital. Here’s what you can expect to see, and the reasons we’re making these changes.

Online Access Plans

We’re in the process of making all of our plans available online only instead of distributing training plans via downloadable PDFs as we’ve done before. This move is driven by a number of factors:

  1. Most Up-to-Date Theory & Training: In the past, as we’ve learned from athlete feedback, and as our own training theory has evolved, we’ve created updated versions of popular training plans to reflect those changes. By moving our plans online, we are able to easily update the plans so that anyone who has purchased the plan always has the most up-to-date version.
  2. Regulate Distribution: Despite password protections, IP address and download limitations, and other security hurdles, we continue to find our plans being distributed without our permission. Our efforts to keep our job-specific training plans at a fair and reasonable price are thwarted by copyright infringements. Online content accessed via login is easier for us to regulate.
  3. Demand for Mobile: Our analytics show that the majority of our users access their training content on their phones, so making each session more easily accessible on mobile will make you more efficient at the gym. We know that there are occasional issues with internet access, specifically for athletes in austere locations, so we’re dedicated to helping bridge the technology gap when needed.

Social Media

As we make moves to rebrand the company as one cohesive company, Mountain Tactical Institute, you’ll see this branding change reflected on our social media platforms. You’ll see the icons for Mountain Athlete and Military Athlete get a facelift (below). The SSD presence will go away entirely, replaced by new MTI feeds that will focus on our education and research work. We’ll continue to put out quality content for the athletes we serve across our online social platforms, only in a more streamlined, and efficient fashion to reduce any brand confusion.
MTI_Icon_Training_Mountain_Blue_rgb   MTI_Icon_Training_Tactical_Green_rgb

Questions? Concerns?  Let me know.

-Katie Wood
Director of Marketing

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