By Rob Shaul


On March 25, 2014 our athletes Pip Hunt and Natalie Segal will depart with other team members for Iceland, where they will board a sail boat, and depart for the west coast of Greenland for their Shifting Ice and Changing Tides expedition.


Shifting Ice + Changing Tides is a female-led, human powered expedition to document decreasing ice in Greenland and ski first descents in a remote place in the world.


Pip is the spark plug for this trip, and began working towards it last winter. The trip is so ambitious, it’s beautiful.


There are a few truths about life I’ve learned the hard way over the years –

1) Show up

2) There’s no Short Cut. Stop looking for one.

3) Finish what you start, and

4) It takes as much work to do something small as it does to do something big. So why not do something big?


Number 4 applies here.


Pip is as hard a working professional mountain athlete as you’ll ever see – works multiple jobs, travels for photo shoots, competed in a Freeride Qualifying Tour event at Crested Butte (taking second!), whatever it takes. She’s a grinder.


It’s been my honor to work with her over these last few years, and exciting to see her career blossom.


Congratulations to Pip for dreaming big, and to her and Nat for doing big with their Greenland Expedition.

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