By Rob Shaul

We’ve had some questions about “Strong. Swift. Durable.” as athletes have seen this programming on, and also this name at the website store.

To explain, I need to start with some history.

I founded and opened Mountain Athlete in Jackson, Wyoming in early 2007, with the clear focus of programming for mountain athletes and mountain sports. I posted our training sessions online and soon began getting questions and emails from deployed US and NATO soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan who were following the programming.

The questions led to more and more requests for military-specific programming, and I responded in early 2008 with Military Athlete and “Strong, Swift, Durable” is the original tagline for Military Athlete, and these three words distinctly represent they fitness attributes we aim to build into all of the athletes we work with.

After a couple years SWAT and SRT guys on the  law enforcement side found Military Athlete and began following those sessions. The law enforcement interest grew slowly, but steadily, and last year I began receiving more and more requests for LE-specific programming. And we responded this past January with LE Athlete, and

For several years, dedicated firefighters have followed along with military athlete, and now, LE Athlete. All along I’ve received requests to begin programming specifically for firefighters. We’ve staffed up and hope to begin programming for professional fire and rescue athletes late this Summer and Fall.

Back to Mountain Athlete …. our programming is constantly evolving and last winter we began programming climbing cycles into our  “Base Fitness” training sessions. Several athletes were following the Base Fitness training sessions not for mountain sports, but rather for general fitness. And they had no interest in actually climbing or joining a climbing gym. At the same time, we decided to consolidate the administrative, and business sides of the different companies.

So Strong Swift Durable will soon serve two functions – we’re creating another company just for general fitness under this name. The Strong Swift Durable website will go live July 1, and we will move the Strong Swift Durable training sessions currently on Mountain Athlete to that website.

Second, we’ll consolidate the business and administrative functions of all the different companies under the Strong Swift Durable umbrella.


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