The “Quad Deuce” Range Fitness Event


By Rob Shaul

Good shot? This is your chance to prove it.

I’ve only seen two shooters attain the coveted “Quad Deuce.” I’ve tried this Range Fitness event, and failed, multiple times.

What is “Range Fitness”? Range Fitness is a system I developed which trains accurate marksmanship under stress. We’ve tested and taught this system to multiple tactical athletes – both military and LE, over the years.

“Quad Deuce” is a Range Fitness stress event we developed and drilled.

You have limited ammo (20 bullets) and limited time (2 min, 30 sec), and to get the required 16 hits.

No bullshit. Use a ruler to verify target size, and range finder to verify target and sprint distance. 

Full Quad Deuce protocol is below.


Range Fitness Challenge: “QUAD DEUCE”

 Standard:        16 Hits on Target
           Target:        8″ Round Metal target, 80 yards, or 10″ Metal Target @ 100 yards (10 MOA)
Ammo Limit:      1x Magazine, 20 Rounds
  Time Limit:        2 minutes, 30 seconds


Athlete loads weapon, locks bolt forward and sets on table/ground.

On Go….

4x 15-yard Shuttle Sprints (each length counts as 1x rep, so 2x round trips … down/back, down/back)

  • 2 hits standing
  • 2 hits kneeling

2x 15-yard Shuttle Sprints (down back)

  • 2 hits standing
  • 2 hits kneeling

2x 15-yard Shuttle Sprints (down back)

  • 2 hits standing
  • 2 hits kneeling

2x 15-yard Shuttle Sprints (down back)

  • 2 hits standing
  • 2 hits kneeling


  • Before the first shots, you make 2x round trips of sprints – down/back, down/back … this is to spin up your heart rate from the get go. After the first set of 4 hits, you only make one round trip – down/back, before shooting again.
  • The shooter cannot move from standing to kneeling, and from kneeling to the next set of sprints without getting the required number of hits. This is why a metal, reactive target, is required. You cannot complete this using a paper target. You’ll feel your stress spike after each miss!!
  • You have 20 bullets and must make 16x hits in 2:30 to meet the standard. Rarely do shooters run out of time … they usually run out of bullets!
  • That being said, don’t linger on the sprints or you will run out of time.
  • Safety – Don’t run with your weapon. Start with it loaded and tabled and table it again after each round of shooting.
  • Safety – Best to sprint directly behind the firing line. Don’t sprint toward the target!
  • The goal of Range Fitness is to train accurate marksmanship under stress. This event has 3 stressors: (1) Time Limit, (2) Ammo Limit, (3) Physical Stress (sprints). Conduct the drill side by side with another shooter and you’ll add a 4th stressor … competition!


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