Scrum Participants Divulge Their Lessons Learned for Mountain and Tactical Rookies


During the weekend of June 10-12th MTI hosted the Scrum event. We brought together a network of Quiet Professionals from the Mountain, Military, Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement, coaches, and business leaders here in Jackson, WY. The participants represent some of the best from their respective fields, and we wanted to learn what principles they’ve established for such high levels of performance. Here’s who they are, and the lessons they’ve learned.

Mountain Athletes

Jessica Baker: Mountain and Ski Guide – Sponsored Athlete

Brenton Reagan: Exum Mountain Guide – Sponsored Athlete – Former USMC Infantry

Mike Wolfe: Professional Mountain Ultra-Runner, The North Face Global Athlete Team

  1. General high level fitness
  2. Objectives match skill set
  3. Go out with more experienced people, seek mentorship

Fire/Rescue Athletes

Daniel Dumas: Waterford Regional Fire Department – Lieutenant

Joseph Hogan: Des Moines Fire Department – Captain

  1. Never forget to love the job
  2. Just because it doesn’t go bad often, doesn’t mean it isn’t always dangerous
  3. Knowledge is not the same as skill, so train

Law Enforcement Athletes

Ty – Law Enforcement

Jim – Law Enforcement

  1. Be the partner/back-up that everyone wants
  2. Find a outlet

Military Athletes

Peyton Holtz: United States Army – 82nd Airborne Division – Company Commander

Erik Olson: California Army National Guard – A Co. 5/19th SFG (Airborne) – Training Team Detachment Commander

Ben Higginbotham: United States Army – Director of Operations SOCAFRICA – COL.

Daniel (Jason) Lapadula: USMC – 3d Bn, 6th Mar – Company Executive Officer

  1. If you’re not taking risks, you won’t complete your mission… that should bother you. If it doesn’t, you should stop
  2. Stay true to yourself
  3. Treat yourself like a pro-athlete
  4. You are a servant

Industry Leaders

Adam Garrett: Under Armour – Senior Global Product Manager

Todd Wilhite: CACI International – Program Manager – U.S. Army SGM (Ret.)

  1. Don’t be afraid to fail
  2. Use adversity to your advantage
  3. Keep taking action until you find your passion

Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Rob Shaul: Owner and Founder of Mountain Tactical Institute

Drew Hammond: MS, CSCS – Director of Human Performance – 48th Rescue Squadron, 563rd Rescue Group

Kevin Serre: Ph.D, M.Ex.Sc – Human Performance/Strength and Conditioning Lead – Canadian Special Operations Regiment

  1. Professional reading
  2. Seek mentorship
  3. Master the basics

Watch out for more articles on what we learned at the Scrum.

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