Lab Rats Wanted


By Rob Shaul

We’re looking for coaches, individuals, and small groups of athletes who train together consistently to test our programming and give us feedback during and after completing the plan. We’d communicate via a private slack channel about pre and post training results, issues or question that arise during training, and any other notes from your training.

Listed below, you’ll see the four primary categories of athletes we train, and the specific types of training we’re looking to test within those categories.  If you’re interested in being a lab rat, and are able to fully commit to a 6-8 week training cycle, let us know by sending an email to  Feel free to ask any questions or offer any feedback. We’ll need to know:

  • Your training category preference
  • Your role or job (ex: coach, volunteer firefighter, active-duty military, recreational athlete, etc.)
  • Please use email subject line: Remote Lab Rat

We’d likely start out with a trial run for a fitness programming cycle, work out the bugs, develop ways to work together, and see if it works for both parties.


  – Daily Operator Sessions
  – Squad PT for Line Unit troops
  – Operator Sessions for SOF Troops with a maritime mission set (SEAL, MARSOC, PJ/CCT)
  – Selection Training Cycles
  – PFT Training Plans
  – Military-specific fitness attribute training plans, i.e. Ruck Improvement
   – Mountain Base Sessions
   – Lift-Assisted Skiing
   – Rock Climbing
   – Alpine Climbing
   – Mountain Running
   – Backcountry Skiing
   – Kayaking
   – Mtn Biking
   – Backcountry Hunting
Law Enforcement
   – Daily Officer Sessions (Patrol/Detective)
   – Daily SWAT/SRT Sessions
   – LE Selection Plans (FBI HRT, DEA FAST, etc.)
   – LE PFT Plans
Fire Rescue
   – Urban Fire/Rescue Daily Sessions
   – Wildland Firefighter Daily Session
   – Pre-Season Training Plans
   – EMT Daily Sessions

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