Job Posting: Part Time, Contract, Strength & Conditioning Coach/Researcher

MTI works to improve mission performance for mountain and tactical athletes, and keep them safe. We’re looking to add a remote, part time Strength & Conditioning Coach/Researcher to our team.

This will be an ideal position for an established, credentialed strength and conditioning coach interested in a new challenge, and/or a transitioning tactical athlete looking for a 2-3 year intellectually and physically intense adventure and challenge.

Who you are

  • A strategic and tactical thinker – someone who can get in the weeds to get stuff done, then step back to see big picture and comprehend the end goal.
  • Bright and intensely intellectually curious. You embrace learning, are professionally well read, on top of the issues and advances within your field, yet aware of the bigger world and issues facing mountain and tactical athletes.
  • Driven. You work and play with a sense of purpose and urgency. You understand life is short.
  • Self Starter. You don’t need detailed direction or constant hand holding. Once the way is pointed, you jump in and puzzle it out.
  • Humble. You welcome challenge and growth and will gratefully start at the bottom.
  • Quick learner. If it doesn’t come easy, you’ll bust your butt to figure it out.
  • Bold and confident. You’ll punch above your weight.
  • Solid. You get stuff done, right, the first time. You like working hard.
  • Mission first. You want to work for an idea and cause bigger than yourself.
  • Mountain athlete – or wanting to be one.
  • Bachelors degree, minimum, masters degree preferred. 
  • A CSCS from the NSCA. If you don’t have one already, you’ll need to attain one within 3 months of employment. A CSCS requires a bachelor’s degree.

Who We Are

  • Quiet professionals driven to find “mission direct” solutions which translate into improved battlefield and mountain performance and safety.
  • Driven/Demanding. Don’t be fooled by our small size or Wyoming location. You will be pushed and challenged every day.
  • Scholar-Meatheads …. who can be one part nerdy researcher, one part weight room meathead and coach, and one part policy/business analyst and strategic thinker.

What You’ll Do

  • Your primary job responsibility will be programming for MTI
  • Customer Service (answer athlete questions, etc.)
  • Research and Article Writing – over a variety of subjects
  • Lab Ratting – You’ll become one of our regular lab rats
  • You’ll work directly for Rob Shaul

Common Questions

What is your hiring process?

  • Resume/Cover Letter Review
  • Individual phone interview(s) if you make the first cut
  • Reference check
  • Remote assignment
  • 6-Month Trial Period if Hired

Will I Need to Move to Wyoming?
No. This will be a contract, remote position, paid hourly.

$25-35/hour, DOE. This is a contract labor position. 

Does the educational degree field matter?
No. However if you don’t have a CSCS from the NSCA you’ll be required to get one on your own time and dime with in 3 months of hiring.


How many people are you looking to hire?

When will you make the hiring decision?
June 1

What is the Application Deadline?
May 5, 2022.

Where do I send questions? Please be direct and specific.

Where do I send my Resume/CV?

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