Introducing Prep Strength


By Rob Shaul

I began volunteer-coaching prep-strength (high school) athletes here in Wyoming several years ago – both at the local high school gym, and in my Wyoming Facility.

In addition, over the years multiple MTI community members have asked for general fitness and sport-specific programming for their high-school-aged children.

Today we’re announcing the addition of MTI’s Prep Strength programming to Mountain Tactical, and to our Athlete’s Subscription.

This programming follows the simple, direct, progressive, effective and if appropriate – sport-specific programming MTI is known for to prep-strength athletes.

Similar to our other plans, these can be purchased individually, or in sport-specific packets. As well, all these plans come with the other 250+ training plans available to you if you have an Athlete’s Subscription.

Prep Strength includes training plans for Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Cross Country (see below). All the plans were researched, designed, tested, and written by me.

None of the training is random, overly complicated, or inefficient.

Each plan trains to specific fitness demands, and each training plan deploys progression in pursuit of those demands. Nothing is wasted.

Below is a list of all Prep Strength Plans:



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