Help Needed: Tactical Gear Research/Study Ideas

MTI Tactical Gear

MTI is continuing to churn and develop its research methodology and wants your help in identifying tactical gear research and study topics.
Our research waterproof/breathable jackets has carry over to the tactical side. Last December, we also conducted a study on the effect of light triggers on mid-range carbine marksmanship.
Currently, we have slated a study on the gripping ability of best selling fire fighting gloves.
We want to hear from you on what gear you would like to see tested and validated. Some of our ideas thus far:

  • Military uniform comparison – what cammies are most durable and breathable? Are high priced Arc’teryx LEAF and Crye Precision products worth the investment versus issued uniforms?
  • Sock combos for rucking – What combination provides the best wicking and protection while under load for long durations? How durable are the combinations?
  • Waterproofing – How does a issued poncho perform against aftermarket products? Does treating your gear with products like Camp-Dry meet the performance levels you require?

These research efforts are to improve your performance, so we want to hear from you. What gear would you like to see tested and compared? Have you ever been curious on whether it’s worth buying something to replace your issued gear?

Submissions, questions, and comments… Email Charlie,

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