Help Needed Establishing Scoring Standards for Version 2.0 of MTI’s Relative Strength Assessment


By Rob Shaul

I’ve decided to modify MTI’s Relative Strength Assessment by replacing the Power Clean in the current assessment with the Hinge Lift.

Why? Two reasons:

  1. The power clean is a more technical lift that some athletes struggle with.
  2. The Front Squat in the current assessment is a great measure of lower body pushing strength. Adding the Hinge Lift will add a classic measure of lower body pulling strength

How you can help …. when you’re well-rested, and before January 15, 2021, replace one of your scheduled training session with Version 2 of the Relative Strength Assessment. See below:

MTI Relative Strength Assessment V 2.0

Warm Up:
(1) 3 Rounds
Barbell Complex @ 45/65#
Instep Stretch
Lat + Pec Stretch

(2) Get on a scale and weigh yourself

(1) Work up to 1RM Hinge Lift
(2) Work up to 1RM Bench Press
(3) Work up to 1RM Front Squat
(4) Max Rep Strict Pull Ups (no kipping, bucking, jerking, etc.)

Record 1RM’s, max pull ups reps, and Bodyweight and email results, plus your age and training experience to Please also indicate if you are a mountain athlete, tactical athlete, or recreational athlete. 

We’ll use the results to re-configure the scoring for the assessment and publish new standards.

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