Four New Training Plans Released: 2x Military, 2x Mountain


Top of Ski Hill , Denali. Photo Credit: Lindsay Mann

by Rob Shaul

On the military side, we’ve released two more of the training plans in the “Greek Hero” series for military/Operator base fitness.

Operator Hector is a truly “Fluid” cycle which will combine in nearly equal parts strength, work capacity, endurance, Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility (TAC SEPA), and Endurance sessions into a 6-week cycle.

Operator Achilles similarly trains the five fitness attributes, but has a strength emphasis. Specifically, we apply the classic “super squat” progression to both back squats and bench press, and deploy our Big 24 progression to power cleans. You’re strength work will be focused on just these three lifts for the entire 6 week cycle. Developed by Dr. Randall Strossen, our version of the “super squats” progression deploys a 1RM and 20x reps with three breaths between at an increasing percentage of your 1RM each session. The 20x rep set takes 3-4 minutes. This cycle we do the same for the bench press …. which is even more killer.

On the mountain side, we’ve begun our work towards developing mountain-specific training plans by starting with mountain-specific programs for Rainier and Denali – Two classic mountaineering objectives in North America.



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