Fit Lab Rats Needed To Update Fortitude


By Rob Shaul

MTI is calling for fit remote lab rats to test an upcoming update to Fortitude – one of MTI’s more well known military athlete training plans.

Fortitude is an intense, 7-week, 5 day/week training plan. This study project will test and evaluate the first 4 weeks of the updated plan.

The training will begin Monday, May 24, 2021.

The deadline to apply is 1700 Mountain Time, Monday, May 17, 2021.

Only current MTI Subscribers and past purchasers of Fortitude or one of the MTI training packets which include Fortitude, will be considered for lab rat selection. Lab rats must be 18-40 years old.


All lab rats will complete the same, focused training cycle. Programming will be multi-modal, military-specific fitness including running, ruck running, chassis integrity, gym-based strength and single and multi-modal work capacity. Fortitude was last updated in 2017, and this update will incorporate the most recent evolution of MTI programming for military athletes. The lab rats will test the programming and provide data and feedbacks.

Fortitude is an intense program and potential lab rats need to be fit, have access to a fully functional gym, and familiar with rucking and ruck running. The update will the most recent evolutions of MTI strength, endurance, chassis integrity and work capacity programming. The current version of Fortitude has balanced work across several training attributes (strength, endurance, chassis integrity, work capacity).

We’re looking to get 6-14 committed, fit, lab rats for this update and communicate frequently together during the program which will involve a group-only message board/forum. You’ll work directly with MTI Founder Rob Shaul for the duration of the project.

What We Hope To Learn

  1. Is the program progression and intensity doable? Do athletes recover?
  2. The applicability of continued improvement modifications to MTI’s endurance, strength, work capacity and chassis integrity progression methodologies.
  3. Assessed and perceived improvement across multiple fitness attributes.

Required Equipment

  • Fully outfitted functional fitness gym
  • 40# Sandbag (women), 60# sandbag (men)
  • Ruck with 45# of Filler, plus a 10 pound dumbbell or sledge hammer to carry while ruck running.

Cycle Duration

This study project will take 4 weeks. It will begin Monday, May  24, 2021 and end Friday, June 18.

To Participate

  • You’ll need to commit to training 5 days/week for 4 weeks, and follow the program as prescribed
  • You’ll need to commit to following only this programming as formal fitness training for the study project period. You can’t double up this training with any other physical fitness training.
  • You’ll need the required equipment (see above)
  • You’ll need to be 22-40 years old, and fit.
  • You’ll need to be (1) a current MTI Subscriber, or (2) a past purchaser of Fortitude, or (3) a past purchaser any of the MTI training packets which include Fortitude.

Want to be an MTI Lab Rat?

Please email, and put “Fortitude Lab Rat” in the subject line.

Please include:

  • Age
  • Bodyweight
  • Current fitness level and your current training plan/regimen
  • If you’re a current tactical athlete (military, LE, Fire/Rescue)
  • Verify you have access to the required equipment
  • Verify you are either (1) current subscriber, (2) past purchaser of Fortitude, or; (3) past purchaser of any of the MTI training packets which include Fortitude.

We’re hoping to get 6-14 lab rats for this project.

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