Chassis Integrity 2.0

photo: Joshua Edric
photo: Joshua Edric

By Rob Shaul

I first deployed our Chassis Integrity methodology of midsection training last summer. The theory continues to evolve and here’s the latest:

Chassis Integrity alternates between two types of circuits:

(1) ART

Three exercises – Anti Rotation, Rotation and Total Core completed in a 15-20 minute Grind for Time


  • 20 Minute Grind …
  • 6x 1-Sided Dead Lift (Anti Rotation)
  • 3x Standing Keg Lift at 60# sandbag (Rotation)
  • 6x Sandbag Getup (Total Core)

(2) Low Back

Three-four low back or extension exercises in the same circuit, which is also a grind for time, but shorter than the ART circuits – 10-15 minutes.


  • 15 Minute Grind..
  • 15/15 Standing Founder
  • 10x Good Mornings @ 65#
  • 15/15 Kneeling Founder
  • 10x Swings @ 24kg

When we program Chassis Integrity during the Operator, Mountain Base or LE Officer Training sessions, I’ll alternate between these two types of circuits. We don’t generally train Chassis Integrity daily. My general goal is to get one each (ART/Low Back) programmed during the training week.

Day 1 – ART circuit

Day 2 – Low Back circuit


Looking forward, our ART circuits seem solid – though I’m struggling to find non-sandbag Total Core exercises, and anti-rotation exercises are also tough to find sometimes.

Our Low Back circuits need some work. Right now these are alternating isometric and extension exercises. I’ve begun to experiment with anti-extension exercises recently – and these could be added soon.



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