Challenge: Shuttle Beep Test

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We set out to design a functional, gym-based aerobic assessment.  Our criteria were simple:

  1. We wanted the test to be as simple as possible
  2. We needed it to closely mimic the demands of an intense tactical situation
  3. We wanted it to show a strong correlation to the other established tests and estimates. We came up with the Shuttle Beep Test

Based on our preliminary results, we are optimistic that the 15/15 Shuttle Beep Test might offer a simple, accurate, and “sport-specific” VO2max estimate for tactical athletes (read more here). Try the 15/15 Shuttle Beep Test.


1. Athletes complete 4 shuttle lengths of a given distance within a 15-second time limit. 

2. After completing the 15-second shuttle interval the athlete rest 15 seconds.

3. Immediately following the rest, the athlete will complete another 4 shuttles of a given distance within a 15 second time limit (i.e. 15sec Shuttles / 15sec Rest). 

4. The shuttle distance will begin at 30 feet and increase 2 feet after two successful rounds. 

5. This format will continue until the athlete fails to make the shuttle distance. 

6. An athlete’s score is determined by the last, successfully completed shuttle.

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Watch this video to see a complete test.







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