Arete (a·rête)


By Charles Bausman

Arete has two meanings. The first is a terrain feature description; a sharp, thin ridgeline. The second is a classical Greek term described by the philosopher Aristotle of excellence and virtue in soul, character and performance.

With this new addition to MTI, we hope to bring together resources from the MTI community, meeting on the Arete, to improve each other and ourselves as thought leaders in our respective professions.

As a method to continue the conversation amongst the MTI community, we will begin consolidating articles on a weekly basis to share with you. These will come from across the spectrum of the communities that we focus on … military, mountain, law enforcement, and fire/rescue.

The issues will range from foreign policy to strength and conditioning to economic trends.  Nothing is out of bounds.

For the long run, MTI wants to harness the knowledge and intellectual curiosity of our athletes to provide interesting and forward moving conversation.

If you’ve found an article or piece of research which is interesting, thought provoking, and relevant, please send it to us we can share and discuss. If you are conducting your own professional/recreational research, we are also interested in publishing the content.  Please ensure you provide proper sources and credit.

Articles, submissions, questions? Email


National Defense

Russian Air Force Begins Using Iranian Air Base for Syria Strikes, New York Times


ISIS vs. Al Qaida: Battle of the Terrosit Brands, The National Interest

Tactical Gear

New Tourniquet for Torso Wounds,

Mountain Gear

New Suunto Watch Line Released, DC Rainmaker


In the Wake, MT Outlaw

Nick Elson Sets Grand Traverse Record,

Bill Before Congress Would Open Up Wilderness Areas to Mountain Bikes, NY Times


IDF Releases First Doctrine on Regional Threats and Responses, Harvard Kennedy School, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. 

What War with China in 2025 Might Look Like, Rand Corporation 

Retired Green Beret assessing NFL Prospects,

The Coast Guard’s Flawed Icebreaker Plan, Politico


Policing and Social Media (Pg. 28), FLETC Journal

Urban Fire/Rescue

Urban Interface in Wildland Fire, Fremontia

Training a Different Generation, Firefighter Nation

Wildland Firefighting

Mapping Tools for Understanding Wildland Fire Severity, Science You Can Use,  A publication of the U.S Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station

Future Predictions of Wildland Fire Smoke in the US, Wildfire Today 

Tactical Fitness

Tomorrow’s Bio-Engineered Soldier? Small Wars Journal 

Mountain Fitness

Famous Free Climber Alex Honnold and Cognitive Response to Fear … Or Lack Thereof, Nautilus


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