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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

After Delays, Army Secretary Signs ‘Brandon Act’ Policy on Self-Referrals for Mental Health Evaluations,
10 Years After Obama’s Embarrassing ‘Red Line’ Retreat, Real Clear Defense
Move Soldiers Less: A Divisional System in the U.S. Army, War on the Rocks
Marine Corps Leader Orders Safety Review After Osprey Crash, Defense Daily
World Prepares for Possibility of Second Trump Presidency, WSJ
US airstrike in Somalia kills 13 al-Shabab fighters, Task & Purpose
Marine officer’s proposes fix for Gen Z recruiting crisis in new book, Task & Purpose
Germany’s Stalling Economy Raises Global Alarm, WSJ
Thousands of Garmin Smartwatches Being Used to Test Space Force Fitness Program,
Army Sparks Outrage with Delay of ‘Brandon Act’ Implementation,
U.S. OKs Potential $1.5 Billion Deal with Bulgaria For Over 180 Stryker Vehicles, Defense One
HII Nabs $155 Million Mod To Install Hypersonic Missiles On DDG-1000, Defense Daily
Australia Picks Lockheed Martin As ‘Strategic Partner’ for Joint Air Battle Management System, Defense One
Year-Long AFSOC Operational Evaluation of Starlink ‘Nearly Complete’, Defense Daily
Beware of Pentagon techno-enthusiasm, Defense One
Latin America Doesn’t Want to Be Forced Into Cold War 2.0, Foreign Policy
Can BRICS Derail the Dollar’s Dominance? , Foreign Policy
Marine veteran arrested for making up war stories,
The Navy’s Top Enlisted Sailor Is Targeting Hazing to Combat Leadership Problems,
Toward a New Paradigm in U.S. Foreign Policy, RAND
Taking Aim at American Foreign Policy in the Middle East, Real Clear Defense
Marines Call for Safety Review After 5 Marines Die in August Training Accidents, USNI
US Army Precision Grenadier System Update, Soldier Systems
Maj. Gen. John Kline Shares How H2F Can Reshape the Future of the U.S. Army, Muscle & Fitness
The US and Chinese air forces are rethinking whether it’s possible to control the air, Business Insider

Ukraine, Russia


First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Mountain / Outside

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Garmin Venu 3 In-Depth Review: More Sleep Analytics, Power Meters, and More!, DC Rainmaker
Why You Should Spend at Least $250 on Bike Bibs, Outside
Using Nonstick Spray on Nonstick Pans Is a Terrible Idea. Here’s What to Do Instead., Wirecutter
Joya Khairallah (52 KG) Captures Two Junior World Records: 183.5-Kilogram (404.5-Pound) Deadlift and 428.5-Kilogram (944.7-Pound) Total, Breaking Muscle
Elisa Misiano (52 KG) Sets Sub-Junior World Record with 138.5-Kilogram (305.3-Pound) Squat, Breaking Muscle
What Strava Data Tells Us About How Runners Train for UTMB, Outside
The 8 Best Gluteus Medius Exercises to Build Strength and Stability, Outside
How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Need to Be Productive?, Outside
“Bold Move”: A Beacon of Resilience in the Age of Anxiety, Men’s Journal
Tired, grumpy, self-medicating with KitKats and coffee? Here’s how the experts handle sleep deprivation, The Guardian
Just One Dose of Psychedelic Psilocybin Reduced Depression Symptoms for Weeks, Healthline
Here’s How Much More Ozempic Costs in the U.S. Compared to Other Countries, Healthline
How Ozempic, GLP-1 Drugs Can Affect You at Every Age from Teens to Seniors, Healthline
Are Fish Oil Supplements All They Claim to Be? New Study Has Doubts, Men’s Journal
Here’s How the U. of Georgia is Building Bigger and Faster Bulldogs, Muscle & Fitness
Fix Your Farmer’s Carry By Eliminating These 3 Common Mistakes, Muscle & Fitness
Are There Any Benefits of Flaxseed for Weight Loss? ,
The Best Duct Tape for Wart Removal ,
7 Books for Better Sleep, NYT
The Truth About Sibling Estrangement, Psychology Today
Saucony, ASICS Gaining on HOKA,
Two Athletes Die During IM Cork, Slowtwitch.comn
Creatine for Sleep Deprivation and Depression, T-Nation
Level-Up Your Lunges for New Gains, T-Nation
5 Exercises That Beat the Basic Bench Press, T-Nation
Adaptogens for Athletes: Benefits, Types & How to Supplement, Training Peaks
Favorite Race-Day Prep Workouts From 3 Age-Group Nice Qualifiers, Triathlete
If you’re an American eating beef this weekend, there’s a good chance you’re a man or age 50 to 65, Business Insider
Some forms of chronic pain are particularly mysterious, Economist


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