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Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

160th SOAR veteran to build memorial out of CH-47D fuselage, Task & Purpose
Army hospital in Germany caring for wounded American volunteers in Ukraine, Task & Purpose
The Navy is rebuilding its anti-submarine tracking system, Task & Purpose
US military will review 2,000 ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ discharges, Task & Purpose
Captain of missile submarine USS Alabama fired for ‘loss of confidence’, Task & Purpose
France to Pull Its Troops From Niger After Military Coup, NY Times
Air Force’s 9th Bomb Squadron Commander Fired After Just a Couple of Months on the Job,
Inside the Delicate Art of Maintaining America’s Aging Nuclear Weapons,
Somaliland rejects talk of unification with Somalia after Museveni comment, Al Jazeera
Kosovo demands Serbia hand over escaped Serb gunmen after deadly shootout, Al Jazeera
Libya’s top prosecutor orders eight officials arrested after flood disaster, Al Jazeera
US recognises Cook Islands, Niue as Biden hosts Pacific Island leaders, Al Jazeera
Bedbugs, Brown Water, Squatters: Military Barracks Blasted over Horrid Living Conditions, Lack of Accountability,
West Point Sued over Using Race as an Admissions Factor in the Wake of Landmark Supreme Court Ruling,
Army Noncommissioned Officers May No Longer Get Promoted Before Required Schooling Under New Policy,
U.S. To Provide Poland With $2 Billion In Foreign Military Financing, Defense Daily
Joby Aviation Delivers First eVTOL Aircraft for U.S. Air Force’s 412th Test Wing, Defense Daily
Boeing is using Fortnite’s game engine to upgrade B-52s, Defense One
Bibi’s Dead-End Road to Riyadh, Foreign Policy
No, the World Is Not Multipolar, Foreign Policy
Meet Ukraine’s New Defense Boss, Foreign Policy
Canada expels Indian diplomat, accuses India of assassinating Canadian citizen,
After Brutal 6-Year Overhaul, Hope Returns to Young Sailors Aboard USS George Washington,
Chechen President Kadyrov shows video of his son beating young man for burning Koran, Pravda Report
The United States Air Force Academy’s White Boy #2, Real Clear Defense
The B-21 Raider Is Far More Than Just a Stealth Bomber, Real Clear Defense
INFANTRY: New Assault Rifle for British Troops, Strategy Page
AUKUS: Australia’s ‘French Cut’ Moment?, The Geopolitics
GAO Report Says F-35 Fighter Jets Are Only Capable Of Flying Missions 55% Of The Time, War News Updates
It’s Time to Build Combined Forward Operating Base Sierra Madre, War on the Rocks
US Army Begins Fielding Next Generation Squad Weapons, Soldier Systems
The Patriot, The Atlantic

Ukraine, Russia



First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Disaster Recovery Creates Its Own Bubble, RAND
San Francisco “workhorse” deputy earns millions in overtime pay amid staffing shortages, American Police Beat Magazine
Heroic Pennsylvania officer saves father and daughter from drowning in sinking truck, APBM
“A financial tsunami”, APBM
Four Firefighters Among Nine Killed in Taiwan Factory Fire, Fire Engineering
Report: HI Firefighters Contained Early Fire, Left Scene, Returned to Find Flames Anew, Fire Engineering
Terminated Atlanta Fire Recruit Alleges Sexual Harassment, Fire Law Blog
FDNY Chiefs’ Lawyers Want To Keep ‘Scandalous’ Claims in Ageism Suit Against Commissioner, FFN
Fire, Police Civil Service Board Chair Arrested for Fraud; Still Sits Judging Misconduct in LA City, FFN
MA Firefighters Feared Ambush in Response to Arson Fires on Cape Cod, FFN
Extending methods for assessing fuel hazard in temperate Australia to enhance data quality and consistency, International Journal of Wildland Fire
Quantifying the flammability of living plants at the branch scale: which metrics to use?, International Journal of Wildland Fire
9/11 stolen valor case: ‘Based on his uniform he’s from another planet’, Statter911
FSI: When a fire scene becomes a crime scene, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

How to Combine Leg Day and Cardio Workouts During Your Fitness Training,
3 Common Athlete Types and How Each Can Improve Their Ruck and Run,
Wellcore Hormone Optimization, The Collector
5 Cheap(ish) Things to Improve Your Self-Care Routine, Wirecutter
The 15 Happiest Places to Live in the U.S., Outside
30-Minute Treadmill Workouts for Fat Loss, Metabolic Conditioning, and More, Breaking Muscle
Best Budget Barbells of 2023 for CrossFit, Powerlifting, and More, Breaking Muscle
Powerlifting Records: How to Compare Your Lifts to the All-Time Greats, Breaking MuscleBest Weighted Vests for CrossFit, Running, Walking, and More (2023)Best Weighted Vests for CrossFit, Running, Walking, and More (2023), Breaking Muscle
Unlock Winter’s Hidden Athletic Potential with The OutSeason Protocol, Endurance Nation
Do You Need a Multivitamin?, Outside
What Athletes Should Know About Impossible Burger, Quorn, and Other Plant-Based Meats, Outside
8 Dangerous Strength Myths Pushed by Juiced Lifters You Should Ignore, Men’s Journal
The Best Vitamins for Men Over 50, Men’s Journal
‘Just take a bubble bath!’ Why faux self-care won’t solve our problems, The Guardian
Almonds Are a Great Addition to a Weight Loss Diet, Study Finds, Healthline
5 Things You Need to Know about Plant-Based Milks, Muscle & Fitness
When Is the Best Time to Floss? ,
Does the risk of getting long Covid increase each time you get reinfected?, Stat
Size Without Strength: A Sign of Steroid Use?, T-Nation
Do No-Calorie Sweeteners Make Us Fat?, T-Nation
How to Stretch Your Lower Back in 10 Minutes—Without Standing Up, Triathlete
How to Train Like A Norwegian (Without The Blood), Triathlete
In Praise of Newer Rifles, Gray’s Sporting News
Yet Another Cheating Scandal: Canadian Tournament Anglers Accused Of Trimming Pike, Wide Open Spaces


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