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Military / National Security / Foreign Affairs

US troops to Saudi Arabia? Stand by. Air Force Times
The U.S. Marines Are Eyeing An Exoskeleton Straight Out of Aliens, Foxtrot Alpha
Following attacks, Pentagon prepping to send troops to Saudi Arabia’s aid, Defense News
Russian S-400 can easily desacralize F-35 Lightning II fighters, PravdaReport
Stealth at Sea: Three New Navy Destroyers Now ‘In the Water’, RealClearDefense
US, Polish presidents sign pact to boost American military presence in Poland, Air Force Times
The Devil You Know: Trust in Military Applications of Artificial Intelligence, RealClearDefense
Former SEAL, SOCOM Boss McRaven Says We’re Going To Be In Afghanistan ‘For A Very Long Time’, Small Wars Journal
Japan takes lead on Malabar exercise with US and India for first time, Stars and Stripes
Five Power Defense Arrangements in the Spotlight with Command Post Exercise, The Diplomat
Osprey-styled drones may be protecting fleets in the near future, War is Boring
Colt says it will only sell AR-15 to military & police forces, ends public sales, War is Boring

First Responder / Wildland Fire / Homeland Security

Trump’s Ukraine scandal could be ‘impeachable offense’ key national security Democrats, veterans warn, Defense News
What the Saudi Oilfield Strike Says about Modern Deterrence and Homeland Defense, Modern War Institute
The Eastern Mediterranean in the New Era of Major-Power Competition: Prospects for U.S.-Israeli Cooperation, Hoover Institution
Ex-intelligence officer gets 10 years in espionage case, Stars & Stripes
Why not using SCBA will kill firefighters, FireRescue 1 Daily News
How many seats should a fire truck have? FireRescue 1 Daily News
Department of the Interior collaborated on 2,500 fuel treatment projects last year, Wildfire Today
Orange County introduces pilot program for real time wildfire mapping, Wildfire Today
15 things ’70s-era cops can teach today’s LEOs, PoliceOne Daily News
Ford Police Interceptor Utility: Making Hybrid Standard Issue, POLICE Magazine
How PDs are using data from the National Law Enforcement Applied Research & Data Platform, PoliceOne Daily News
Dallas PD Welcomes Largest Academy Class Ever, POLICE Magazine
Everything law enforcement agencies should know about the benefits of transitioning to NIBRS, PoliceOne Daily News


This is How You Get Kids from the City to the Mountains, Adventure Journal
Climbing Technique: Footwork, American Alpine Institute
Fascinating Relief Maps Of The World’s Tallest Mountains, Unofficial Networks
Classic Routes: Evolution Traverse (VI 5.9), Sierra Nevada, California, Climbing Magazine
Everything You Need to Know About Crashpads (Plus Our Top 11 Crashpad Picks), Climbing Magazine
The Best Hike in Every National Park, Outside Magazine
Christophe Henry, Juan Señoret ski Colmillo Del Diablo in Patagonia,
Climbing The World’s Highest Artificial Climbing Wall (500+ feet), Unofficial Networks
How the Outdoor World Joined the Youth Climate Strike, Outside Magazine
Backcountry Lunch, The Cleanest Line
How to Explore the Dolomites, The Outbound Collective
Mt. Bachelor Releases New Trail Map and Names To New Lifts, Unofficial Networks

Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Tapering for a Race or Event: What to Do and What Not to Do, Unofficial Networks
Include Rotational Movements In Your Training, Breaking Muscle
RHR: A Deep Dive into CBD, with Will Kleidon, Chris Kresser
Need More Iron? When You Consume It Matters, Runnersworld
Our society’s culture of fear is holding back children’s fitness, The Globe and Mail
Wearable medical devices: ungluing the fact from the fiction, Verdict
Stamina may trump strength in health stakes, The Irish Times
What to Know About Kids and Nutrition, Outside Magazine
Here’s How Long You Need to Foam Roll to Reduce Your Risk of Injuries, Men’s Journal
This Is How Much Weight You Could Gain From Sleeping 5 Hours a Night During the Work Week, Men’s Journal
How an Ice Bath May Undermine Your Weight Workout, NYT Health
Best sources of Vitamin E, The World’s Healthiest Foods


U.S. Navy: Yes, Those UFO Videos Uploaded By Blink-182’s Former Frontman Are Real, Foxtrot Alpha
The Final Season of “Game of Thrones” was Full of Strategic and Tactical Stupidity, Just Like Real Wars Usually Are, Modern War Institute
How Did Drones Take Out 5 Percent Of The World’s Oil Supply? Foxtrot Alpha
‘The men who plundered Europe’: bankers on trial for defrauding €447m, The Guardian
Statewide Rent Control Will Make California’s Housing Crisis Even Worse, Hoover Institution
The Dangers of Modern Technology, Prague Post
Blueprint For America: The Art And Practice Of Governance, Hoover Institution
Coast Guard stops self-propelled vessel holding more than $165M in cocaine, The Hill
A Mysterious Illness is Sickening Florida Panthers, and No One Knows What’s Causing It, Backpacker
Did a common childhood illness take down the Neanderthals? Science Daily
What is medtech and why does it matter for business? Verdict
The Secret Is Out: Penguins Are Promiscuous Too, NYT

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